Priyanka Chopra is one of the most successful actresses not only in Bollywood but also in Hollywood. Privacy is central to most of the celebrity interiors, and therefore, this Beverly hills bungalow is a cosy place for the former miss world to spend time on vacations.

Interiors of celebrity homes exemplify a serene and convenient design boasting of luxury and comfort. Most of the interior design of celebrity homes are filled up with art decor and furnishings. However, PC’s bungalow goes a little off the mainstream design scheme, with a clutter-free outlook and minimalistic display of decor. Additionally, the natural landscape surrounding the house is very much significant to the design scheme. This may not have the captivating appeal of the palace-like celebrity interiors of Mannat. Still, it does provide a perfect combination of functionality and convenience, nestled in the lap of mother nature!


1. Nature’s lap is a luxury

Having an enchanting presence of trees and birds all around the house is sadly now a luxury only available to the elite class. As in Rajnikanth’s Pune house, this bungalow has a candid presence of nature all around.


2. Convenient and Spacious: Living Room

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The living room of this house comes with an appeal of white and dark shades. The walls, sofas and the side tables see ample use of white illuminated by the ceiling lights. Dark framed, large windows break the monotony of white and provide a much needed natural element in the living room, as seen in most of the minimalistic celebrity interiors.


3. Outdoor Space

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One of the best perks of having a bungalow in Beverly Hills is the availability of outdoor area with no privacy issues. Today, this element is a rarity in most of the interior design of celebrity homes. Even if all the rooms and interior spaces are filled with natural decor like indoor plants, nothing gets better than having a cup of coffee amid a canopy of beautiful trees.


4. Celebrity interiors with Modern Modular Kitchen

This modern outlook of the kitchen shows precisely how much the actress prefers convenience and functionality. Every element in the house speaks the language of a soothing, clutter-free, and chic appeal.

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5. The Bedroom

Today, the use of light shades and tones is elegantly distributed throughout most of the interiors of celebrity homes, as in Rajnikanth’s house. There is an element of serenity in light shades that these superstars prefer in their homes when away from the chaos and commotion of the red carpet.

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The large windows with similar dark wood frames as in the living room provide a cosy connection with nature providing a dreamy ambience to the resting place.


6. The Chic Workplace

Can’t stop swooning over the dark bookshelf, right?

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A home office is an important addition to the interior design of celebrity homes, especially in the post-pandemic world. Today, most of the celebrity interiors provide a comfortable workplace. With a workplace built for functionality and convenience, it is easier for the actress to hold meetings and get some work done, despite being on a cosy vacation.


7. The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool area of this bungalow brings the beach to the home!

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With a convenient space for sunbathing and unwinding, the swimming pool is one of the essential element exemplifying luxury and comfort.

We conclude this article featuring Priyanka Chopra’s Beverly Hills Bungalow by acknowledging the amount of effort that goes in most of the interiors of celebrity homes.

Overall the design scheme of this bungalow focuses on making the most out of clean surfaces and open spaces, creating a perfect convenient mixture of style, luxury and comfort.