It is that time of the year again. With all that has happened lately, it is only natural to fall prey to the winter blues. It is almost impossible to feel that holiday spirit again. This post presents seven easy DIY Christmas decor for home that can instantly revive the Christmassy holiday spirit.

We disagree with the fact that it is money that creates a difference in creating glorious Christmas decoration ideas for your place. With an optimist mindset, an eye for good design and an empty afternoon, you can implement these easy to follow Christmas decor for home. These ideas are full of crafty creativity and stunning aesthetics and can help you in ending the year on a happy note!

1. Staircase bows make easy DIY Christmas decor for home

christmas decor for home


You know about the garland. These easy additions can instantly bring out the festive appeal on literally any place they are used. However, the points at which the garland is tied can look rather messy.

Here’s an idea; Use a cluster of shiny red ornaments in the centre of the store-bought Christmas ribbons to accentuate the whimsical appeal of the design.

2. DIY Christmas decorating ideas with books

christmas decor for home


Sounds rather strange?

Here’s the idea; colour coordinate your books and arrange them as shown, and you will never have to worry about splurging on any extra decor for the bookshelf. Accentuate the design with added bottlebrush trees, some greenery and other wintery items.

3. Go unconventional

christmas decor for home


This fantastic Christmas wreath from fashion designer Jenni Kayne’s home in Lake Tahoe is one of the most unique Christmas decor for home.

With everyone fussing over the usual, customary wreaths, we advise you to go with unconventional Christmas decor for home. An oversized grapevine wreath with added leaves and pine cones is all you need!

4. Bring DIY Christmas decoration ideas on the table

Think your window sill or table lacks something? You should go for peppermint candles.

These colourful additions in your interior design can bring the best of Christmas in your living room.

Attach the candy canes or peppermint sticks to a glass candle holder with hot glue. Decorate with ribbons, peppermints, wreaths and anything that looks good to you!

christmas decor for home


5. Make a candy cane garland

Fun DIY holiday projects can instantly liven up your space. You are familiar with candy canes and peppermint sticks. Create a sweet candy cane garland to decorate your windows or virtually any room in the house.

Attach the candy canes in a line. Create a lovely heart shape from these treats and join them with hot glue. Tie little red twine around the glued part to give a cleaner outlook. Loop over the twine with the string or thread of your choice and decorate.

6. Table Runner: Easy Christmas decor for home

christmas decor for home


Notice the colourful table runner in the picture? It’s wrapping paper. Swapping your regular table sheet with a festive table runner is possibly one of the most comfortable Christmas decoration ideas.

7. DIY Christmas decorating ideas for lighting

christmas decor for home


Decorate your porch with this colourful wreath fashioned from the vintage light bulbs. Just putting in the effort of placing about 65 bulbs in two rows on a 12-inch cardboard ring is all you need for this creative idea to work!

Christmas is right around the corner. If you are looking for easy Christmas decor for home, we urge you to try these seven ideas for your home. Let’s stop for a moment, be grateful for all that the year has taught us and embrace the occasion with a joyful heart!

Featured image: Brian Woodcock