With the year 2020 finally coming to an end, we shouldn’t let the festive fervour die out in the backdrop of a pandemic. Even if you are not gathering with a lot of guests as before, you can carve out a beautiful ambience from these easy to implement Christmas decoration ideas.

Regardless of whether you are getting your home ready for Christmas, Hanukkah or just the New Year’s, this can be a fantastic opportunity for you to reassess your priorities. This is the time when most of the people go for a facelift and create some beautiful changes in their home interiors. However, you don’t have to splurge on costly renovations to create a festive ambience. These eight Christmas decoration ideas can help you immensely in ramping up the appeal of your interiors!

So let your creativity run wild. Happy decorating!

1. Get Crafty

christmas decoration ideas


We do have a personal favourite, though!

Interior Designer John McClain stresses the importance of making the most out of what’s available to you. Accenting this elegant bookshelf with ribbons and wreaths right at the centre of the openings, he transformed the regular bookshelf into the one sprouting with festive vibes.

2. Use Christmas trees in unconventional ways

christmas decoration ideas


Another Christmas decoration idea from the portfolio of John McClain is installing Christmas trees in your homes, but not as you might think.

He placed a smaller tree upside down to mimic the effects of a chandelier! The inexpensive faux tree hangs from the table and creates an inspiring visual installation in the home. Additionally, to hide the base of the tree, the backyard vines with gold add a whole another whimsical dimension to the piece!

3. Celebrate asymmetrical Christmas decoration ideas

christmas decoration ideas


As shown by this beautiful design from Annie Sloan, this space celebrates the natural aesthetics of the asymmetrical style. Christmas decoration ideas need not be hard and fast, therefore feel free to create movement and visual interest in the room with anything you can!

4. Go festive (even) with minimalism

christmas decoration ideas


The holiday decorating ideas need not be luxurious, bright and glamorous. As seen in this kitchen from Julie Blanner, the minimalist Christmas decoration ideas shine through the backdrop of neutral colours. This adds a beautiful scent of holiday in the otherwise dull design!

5. Explore the natural holiday decorating ideas

christmas decoration ideas


What could be a better occasion to spend some valuable time with family, friends and nature!

In this beautiful, warm design from Bunny Williams added an array of faux mushrooms, branches and woody accents to cover her mantel. Additionally, the pine cone strands and chestnuts present a cosy, winter appeal that is hard to miss!

6. Christmas decorating ideas: Take care of the colour combination

christmas decoration ideas


The colour palette of your interior design and decoration holds utmost importance in your home. In this design from Marie Flanigan, the colour palette presents a beautiful contrast. With white and traditional Christmassy colours like red and green, this space offers a lovely ambience to spend the holidays!

7. Garland the mirrors

christmas decoration ideas


Mirrors can make a small room appear bigger and can brighten a room that lacks ample natural lighting. You can look for a few lush strands of garland that can bring out the most festive value from the design.

As apparent from this design by Shavonda Gardner, the garland over a vast mirror creates an interesting visual dynamic along with black walls and the fuchsia front door.

8. Take care of the dining

christmas decoration ideas


This design from Serena & Lily celebrates the festive appeal of Pine boughs. The extra leaves in the coastal bar cart add a subtle wintry touch for a cosy design scheme.

When it comes to the holiday decorating ideas, your options are endless. From the most luxurious and glamorous to the most subtle and natural renovations, these ideas can significantly streamline the process of Christmas decoration!

Featured: Monica Wang