There are no limits to the spectrum of colours when it comes to the interior design trends in 2020. Modern homes regardless of the interior design style, feature the extensive interplay of colours and textures in understated places. This post presents six colourful bathroom ideas to infuse energy and personality in your bathroom interior design.

For a significant part of the recent history of design and decorating, neutral colours took the spotlight in bathrooms and other such places to unwind. Arguably, human curiosity for beautiful designs has led us into a new era of enlightenment. Vibrant, poppy colours in spaces like bathrooms can instantly work as the main decor element and create compelling designs!

Grab a colour palette, and get to work!

1. Traditional colourful bathrooms

colourful bathroom ideas

Pooky‘s bathroom collection

The gorgeous wall panelling in a bright mustard tone coupled with the stunning antique style wallpaper creates an exciting visual dynamic that is hard to miss. This bathroom interior design is proof that if you have exposed concrete walls, adding a splash of bright mustard will instantly ramp up the appeal of your space.

The traditional sink does justice to space by adding to the aesthetics.

2. Colourful bathroom ideas: Black frames

colourful bathroom ideas

Bert & May

As seen in this design, the black frames contrast sharply with these pastel shades of grey flooring and aqua wall tiles. Additionally, the golden touch perfectly brings the whole thing to another level.

Wall tiles alone can help you create a modern bathroom without overwhelming the space. The Bert & May hexagonal tiles create this perfect backdrop for the black frames to shine through!

3. Colourful bathrooms play with contrast

colourful bathroom ideas

Britton Bathrooms

The mixer tap and towel rail in contemporary matte black is made to contrast the white basin and a soft blue backdrop. The striking display of colours instantly makes for a joyful ambience, perfect for unwinding after a long day!

4. Experiment with tiles

colourful bathroom ideas

Claybrook’s Metro Deco glazed ceramic tiles in Penn Station

Pairing wall tiles in deep colour with an exciting floor pattern creates a stylish ambience!

Tiles are one of the most essential elements in bathrooms. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to the lighting and material palette if you’re looking for a high-end look. Porcelain has a lush appeal that can be quickly capitalised on in spaces like bathrooms. This grand scheme with innovative textures and the bath as the focal point makes all the difference!

5. Contrast with Marble

colourful bathroom ideas

Marble-effect Kingston collection from Gemini Tiles

Marble has this impeccable charm that can efficiently work alongside any colour. This modern Memphis-inspired colour palette has a lot to offer!

The coral sink works as the main focal attraction against the backdrop of marble. In contrast, the modern luxury of marble contributes considerable charm to the design.

6. Colourful bathroom ideas: Pair metallics with dark shades

colourful bathroom ideas

Perrin & Rowe

Metallics in spaces like bathrooms are a perfect way to instil a royal appeal in the design. While working with light shades creates a sophisticated, elegant scheme, going for darker shades adds drama.

The dark shades create a sense of intrigue and excitement when paired with shiny metallic accents. Look how elegantly this vanity unit in gold works in the design. Contributing functionality, as well as aesthetics, is the prime objective of every design professional.

Of course, nothing is set in stone. Design is everchanging, and one way to have timeless aesthetics is to go for classics. However, people with an impeccable design taste don’t let things go unnoticed! In case you are looking for a quick renovation this new year’s, go for these colourful bathroom ideas to ace aesthetics and functionality!

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