The interior design scheme has changed significantly over the years. The contemporary design is no longer limited to family pictures and paintings adorning the wall of barren hallways, entryways or the foyer. With enhanced functionality in architecture and design, the contemporary age is witnessing an increased use of hall cabinets, benches and accent chests. Nowadays, the hallways are no longer decorated with obnoxiously large family reunion pictures. Designers are increasingly employing Hall cabinets and chests to create a compelling design appeal of the building.

Building a private space is now easier than ever. To accomplish this, we can start building one piece at a time. One cabinet you can consider is the mid-century chest of drawers. It has a neat and sleek form that makes it look proportionate and fits well with the contemporary design schemes. With drawers providing a sophisticated storage area, this chest has been increasingly turning heads in the market today!

The diverse functionality of the Mid Century Chest of Drawers is mostly responsible for its popularity among design aficionados. Place it by your bed, and you have an elegant dresser, add it to the dining room as a credenza for cutlery items or gift it to someone important to you setting up a new household. Low height chests like this can also be used as a functional and practical TV stand for living rooms.

From small low coffers, large tallboy or chest on chest, it distinguishes itself with a peculiar style of arranging multiple horizontal drawers on top of one another. Numerous restored versions are now available owing to the increasing demand. Therefore with minimalistic chrome metal legs complementing the neat proportions, sleek design that fits well and rare quality woodwork, it stands out from the other decor options and adds a classic touch to virtually any space.

The hallways, entryways and foyer can be made aesthetically elegant with appropriate use of cabinets and desk drawers. Bombay chest beauties, settees and chaise lounges are increasingly finding applications in the modern design scheme. People are nowadays paying attention to hallways and entryways to optimise the feel of the interior design. These spaces generally are the ones to make the first impression on the visitor.

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In conclusion, maybe its time for you to consider something a little more elegant in your entryway. Something that grabs attention comes with flexible usage and complements the contemporary design scheme of your house.