Ikea is a leading brand in the field of interior design and decorating. With easy to install elements like racks, cabinets, tables and a plethora of other items, the brand is well known worldwide. Now that the Ikea 2021 catalogue is out, we are featuring our seven favourite products from the list.

1. Celebrating natural fibres: BUSKBO Armchair

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Natural fibre furniture is becoming increasingly popular in the current design scenario. The popularity of rattan and wicker furniture is on the rise owing to the immense functionality it infuses in the interiors.

Instead of going for those overpriced vintage additions, these $169 armchairs are super affordable and go with virtually every interior design style. You can create a super comfy reading nook when added with a hanging pendant light and a cosy blanket.

In case you want this for a living room, you can get a luxe cloak to match your couch!

2. HAVSTA Glass Door Cabinet with base

favourite products

This classy cabinet opens a world of opportunities for your dining area design. You will never have to worry about a cluttered space for cutlery and other kitchen items once you get a hold on this $700 cabinet.

You can customise the design of this beautiful piece by swapping the regular white knobs with dark lacquered brass ones which exemplify a timeless appeal.

3. APPLARO outdoor table and chairs

favourite products

This set from the IKEA 2021 catalogue has to be one of the best when it comes to functionality, durability and aesthetics. The beautiful acacia wood works well for creating sitting areas on the porch, backyard, terrace or even the balcony.

People living in warmer parts of India can enjoy this set throughout the year without having the need to splurge.

4. HELMER Drawer Unit on Casters

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The beautiful sleek design helps this unit from the IKEA 2021 catalogue to fit inside the tiniest of spaces. With the world opting for the work from home culture and homeschooling, these drawers can be an efficient addition into your workplace/home office.

Customise the drawers with pretty labels and never lose your stuff again!

5. FRIHETEN Dark Grey Sleeper Sofa

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Adding a sleek modern sofa in your home office will infuse the professionalism that lacks in your video conferences. Moreover, in case the dark grey tone feels intimidating, you can add a splash of vivid textured colour by casual throw-pillows.

Additionally, this sleeper sofa comes with bedding storage that enhances the functionality of your interior design. You can easily store several pillows, sheets and a mattress pad inside. The sleek sleeper sofa turns into an elegant queen-sized bed once you pop it out!

6. NIKKEBY Grey-green clothes rack

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Adding this affordable clothes rack in your closet or the space under stairway can instantly help you with a clean and clutter-free space. The $69 IKEA rack is definitely one of our favourite IKEA products from the catalogue.

7. GUNRID Air Purifying light grey curtains

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India has a prevailing pollution problem in several metropolitan cities. Installing these beautiful air purifying curtains can help you stay away from the long term lung damage Delhi’s toxic air is exposing you to!

Let alone the innovative idea of creating fresh air at home, the beautiful detailing at the top is enough to make a perfect minimalist ambience. The understated light grey curtains from IKEA are one of the favourite products from the IKEA 2021 catalogue.