The Future of the Sports Arena Experience

Ever since people started incorporating physical activities in their lifestyle, there is a sense of community that comes with it. People from all walks of life and different communities joining hands to cheer for their team makes it a surreal experience. For the sports fanatics, very few experiences can match the ecstasy of watching the game live. 

Today, with incredible feats being achieved by the proponents of the technology, the question that arises in mind is can it be used to create a more realistic feeling in the spectators watching the game from far, possibly from the comfort of their home? Relevant now more than ever in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, is the need to “bringing the stadium to the home”. With restrictions on large gatherings throughout the world, traditional ways of watching the game may seem to be obsolete in the present scenario. Therefore, there arises a need for a system that can better enhance the experience of sports fandom for people watching from different parts of the world.

A system where top players from major sports are projected into a global fanbase. With people interacting and connecting with real-time fixtures while sitting in the confines of their homes, technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are changing the way we watch sports!

via Inside CI
via Inside CI


The AR and VR entertainment experience

Stadiums are now eyeing for creating an entertainment experience that isn’t just limited to the game. A game with an interactive layout, half-time shows and the audience participation on the screen is no longer a fantasy. With advancements in VR and AR, establishments of these systems will be creating surreal experiences for the users. There is a lot of buzz around the industry with people debating on whether these technologies be used to create a virtual sports arena for the users or allowing them to build their paradise by more customizable options.

The tech industries are inclining towards a more customizable option for the users. Starting from walking into the arena to ordering food and drinks, it would surely turn out to be a very realistic experience for the user. Additionally, with 3D rewind technology, exploring player profiles and texting fellow fans, the game-watching experience will be enhanced to an overall surreal entertainment experience!