Creating functionality has to be one of the most important motives of design and decorating. In the current design scenario, professionals and amateur design enthusiast freely express their love for efficient design. The inbuilt seating is one element in the modern household topping the charts of interior design trends.

The built-in seating area capitalises on the space rarely giving any utility. Making the most out of your interiors becomes a possibility with a built in seating area. That’s what drives the adoration for this element!

With these six inbuilt seating ideas, you can get your home a sleek upgrade of style and functionality!

1. Lush purple for luxurious inbuilt seating

inbuilt seating

Joshua McHugh

This Upper West Side apartment from Kimelle Taylor features a banquet adorned in rich purple. Notice how the glorious handmade chandelier presents movement into the room.

Shades like the rich purple in this design are a fantastic way to instil personality and character in your home design.

Additionally, the swivel chairs from Koi and the Allen Anthony Hansen painting complete this luxurious setting.

2. A Neutral Affair with Inbuilt seating

inbuilt seating

Drew Kelly

There’s a reason why inbuilt seating highlights some of the most successful minimalist designs. The inbuilt banquette seating and the bar stools present ample variety to this creative, warm kitchen interior design from Tineke Triggs/Artistic Designs for Living.

Neutral shades work exceptionally well in inbuilt seating. Experiment with the colour palette every once in a while and find your favourite!

3. All about tufts!

inbuilt seating

Michael J Lee

This tufted inbuilt seating banquet presents enough dimension to this space. The tufted style adds a distinct charming sophistication that is impossible to miss. This design from Elms interior design hits the point home!

4. Rich White built-in seating area

inbuilt seating

William Waldron

Designed by architect Joe Serrins, this all-white breakfast room of a Miami high-rise duplex presents lacquered cabinetry and a banquette with cushions in Manueal Canovas cotton.

The beautiful leather and polished steel stools paired with Saarinen style tables create an exciting visual dynamic.

5. Blue and white

inbuilt seating

Eric Piasecki

Massachusetts based designer Nina Farmer selected the pastel blue shade for the tufted banquet and chairs in a Brookline colonial.

The sophisticated charm of pastel blue shines through the stark white backdrop complemented by large windows. The serene appeal of this design makes it an essential element in the house.

6. Infusing the charm of leather in inbuilt seating

inbuilt seating

Rikki Snyder

Leather elements express professionalism and contemporary tastes. The lush, rich texture of leather instantly makes a space super interesting.

The leather banquette adds immense visual curiosity in this black and white breakfast nook from Tamara Magel.

In the current scenario, interior design trends open doors to a world of possibilities for professionals and amateurs. Design enthusiasts find immense value in these simple elements in modern design and decorating. So go beyond convention on your next renovation and explore the possibility of a gorgeous nook with inbuilt seating in your home!

Featured: Michelle Drewes Photography

Pictures: Courtesy of Elledecor