A picture is worth a thousand words. As cliched as this age-old adage is, there is so much truth to this. The massive popularity for platforms like Instagram is because of their visual nature. Instagram has given artists, poets, designers and architects all over the world a platform to showcase their talents. With a billion active users, it comes off as no surprise that people are growing their contacts very significantly by using Instagram. Several design communities have evolved on Instagram with projects and case studies from all over the world.

As an architect, you can multiply your prospects, get more leads and have a global following! Included in this article are a few case studies of architecture firms that have made a name for themselves by using Instagram while causing an increased public interest in architecture and design.

Like almost every social media platform today, Instagram started small with very few features in the year 2010. However, things have changed significantly over the years. With the addition of IGTV, direct messaging and Instagram ads, the platform is not the same! You can now have access to the near-professional quality images, beautify with a detailed editor, and share it conveniently among your peers within seconds. With the rise of active users over the years, the quality of content on Instagram is no longer limited to vines and memes.

However, the increased number of users also means that you need to produce content that resonates with the ideas of people. Creating a unique presence from the crowd on Instagram is no child’s play. But once you put in the work, you will see the results fast! Unleash the creative master architect in you and pair it with decent photography. Beyond just merely sharing your work, architects have a global reputation for creating beautiful things, which should be carried throughout their career, regardless of media (built, drawn, digital, or otherwise).

Laney LA (@laneylainc), a California-based residential firm utilizes nearly every aspect of Instagram. From sharing pictures of their young studio to having genuine conversations about design with its community of almost 20K followers.
Their success on Instagram is possible not only because of good photography, but also an impeccable skillset. Whether it’s a compelling 3D-model or a site photo paired with the exterior rendering, each of their post provides a peek into the overall design intent of their projects; something that far too many people think to be irrelevant.

The firm takes complete freedom in using every aspect of Instagram marketing. Using Instagram stories, they can reach a broader set of audience. In the end, it’s not only sharing projects that build a following for you; connecting with your audience is the thing that influences your growth the most!

Instagram can also provide a medium to explore and share ideas behind a specific style of design.

Several database-like accounts showcase work from various users. For example, one specific creator named Zean Macfarlane (@zeanmacfarlane) posts graphic collages regularly. Macfarlane has grown a following of nearly 60K around his unique style. He continues to contribute to the digital drawing conversation daily, creating engaging, valuable discussions in his posts.