Photo credit: Ashish Sahi

Delhi being the national capital is home to some of the most elite individuals from the country. Therefore, lavish mansions with impeccable interiors is an ordinary sight in the region. These houses carry tons of interior design ideas for other professionals in the community. In this article, we are featuring four of the most elegant interior design styles in the region:

1. Home to the Brazilian Ambassador to India

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Photo credit: Ashish Sahi

Corrêa do Lago is a passionate architecture enthusiast and serves on the Pritzker Prize jury. The inclination towards modern interior design styles is quite apparent in this scheme. Additionally, the couple comes from cosmopolitan families of passionate collectors, which explains why different rooms of their home provide a visual treat for art enthusiasts.

Classic portraits of historical significance adorn the walls, and along with the magazine, pinups showcase a warm, timeless devotion for heritage and history!

2. Play Of Art and Ceramics

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Photo courtesy: Edmund Sumner/ Rajiv Saini

Designed by Rajiv Saini, this home features an eloquent style statement.
The narrow site initially was an exposed concrete skeleton and was the main attraction for Rajiv’s inspiration. Without any facade or delineation, the exposed concrete came up with a plethora of interior design ideas that eventually culminated in creating convenient spaces for family gatherings and private affairs.

Rajiv uses the warmth of wood with different textures and shades to soften the brutal display of rawness. Ample natural lighting was a priority for the clients, as the concrete ceilings have the potential of darkening the space further.

After an exhaustive search for art and ceramic ideas, including a few trips to Europe looking for the perfect decor, the design features works from artists like Vishwa Shroff, Krupa Makhija and Parul Gupta.

3. An Eco-Friendly Design

This lavish eco-friendly house is from one of the most prominent areas of New Delhi. The carefully built space optimises the existing lush landscape around the property. With Design from Devyani Gupta and Nehit Vij of Intrigue Designs, the house fulfils the client’s demand of owning a green retreat that brings in a perfect touch of luxury and nature.

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Photo courtesy: Tejas Shah/ Intrigue Designs

The planning took the seasonal conditions into account, with natural elements providing a dynamic expression to the site. For instance, the north and east side of the property is spacious and open while the southern side has minimal interactions to keep a cool ambience during scorching summers of Delhi.

The north face features an exquisite swimming deck that faces the main entrance of the property. Comfortable chairs and a cosy bar under a cantilevered steel pergola adorned by Bougainvillea complement the beautiful flora around the home.

The sandstone in the formal double-height living room filters down the complex ceiling pattern and lends the colour palette a warm backdrop for the green landscape around it. Consequently, the ample use of pastel shades and a combination of decorative contrast accent lighting brings a touch of sophistication in the house. Exposed Bricks, sandstone and slate is consistently making appearances in all parts of the house to keep a stable material palette.

Hanging gold pendant lighting fixtures in the bedrooms create a soft and luxurious glow to the interiors. The decor features renowned artists, aligning with the tastes and preferences of knowledgeable clients. Additionally, the carefully curated furnishing complement the colour palette, maximising the appeal of the design scheme!

4. A Fashion Designer’s Enviable House

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Photo courtesy: Ankit Jain/ Design Staple

The fashion designer couple Priyanka Modi and Ankur Modi own a beautiful apartment in New Delhi, thanks to Design Staple, the design firm in charge of the renovation.

Typical spaces like the dining room, lobby and the living room reflect some significant changes and the designers conceptualised the space, keeping in mind the client’s lifestyle and taste. The dining and living area merged, and a separate lounge came into existence. A lobby at the entrance separates these two spaces.

Overall, these three spaces glorify visual continuity and are separated by glass partitions. Each of these spaces carries tasteful art decor and furnishing, with the colour and material palette complementing their presence. The travelling designer’s living aspirations are reflected in the minimal mid-century furniture and linen-clad textiles. The use of the cane and rustic metal further exemplifies an exotic design idea.


Before going into the mechanics of the interiors, these designers understand the design brief and study the clients’ lifestyle. This approach is particularly important as it allows you to draw maximum interior design ideas and take the maximum advantage of decor while prioritising the convenience and functionality in the design scheme.