The master blaster is well-known for his perfection on the field. However, once you are lucky enough to have a tour of his gorgeous villa in Mumbai, you’ll find it to stand apart from the typical celebrity interiors. Sachin Tendulkar’s villa has the most beautiful features in Mumbai. Some of the elements are typical of the interior design of celebrity homes; however, as a whole, the villa has a unique appearance in gardens and other open spaces. 

The house has a candid, comfortable presence that makes it look like a wonderland for kids and leaves grownups spell-bounded by the use of contrasting colours and textures. A playful ambience is not very often associated with celebrity interiors which most of the times showcase luxury and modernism. However, some of the spaces do follow the design scheme of clean lines and surfaces, typical of the interior design of celebrity homes

In this article, we take a quick tour inside the master blaster’s gorgeous abode and take inspiration from the designers. Here are the six critical highlights from the plan:

1. Leave the Privacy Issues at the door

interior design of celebrity homes

Having a comfortable space to unwind is a luxury for celebrities. Fans and followers swarm these people every time they step outside the house. Therefore, addressing the privacy concerns is of utmost importance in this design scheme. The facade of the house covers most of the open spaces inside the home. This front wall gives the inhabitants a perfect space to relax without losing any privacy. 

2. Open Sitting Area with Woodworks 

What’s behind the walls you ask? Something straight from the gardens of Eden. 

interior design of celebrity homes

The open area provides a perfect space to have morning tea with friends and family without falling prey to distractions and disturbances of the urban Mumbai neighbourhood. Most of the interiors of celebrity homes see a lot of use of wood to add luxury and comfort in the sitting spaces. The design scheme follows ample use of wood because of an earthy connect it brings in the area. 

3. Living Room Built With Luxury 

Most of the interiors of celebrity homes today offer a luxurious ambience in the living room for somewhat formal meetings and exchanges. However, this living room comes off as a sophisticated space for guests, friends and family alike. The use of dark and light tones and textures relies on appropriate usage. Large windows add a much-needed natural element in the luxuriant interiors. 

Sachin Tendulkar House Inside Picture

Again, wood forms an essential part of the material palette of the living room. Light coloured chairs, sofa and the carpet match the white ivory ceilings that hang overhead. 

4. Garden with unique Artworks

Sachin Tendulkar Shell House Inside Picture

The garden is where the God of cricket’s home sets it apart from the typical interior design of celebrity homes. The house turns into a wonderland for kids with a playful space to unwind and relax. 

The garden has a “shell house” that comes with gorgeous celebrity interiors. The shell house has a lot of features. For example, a cosy bedroom, a comfy living area all having appropriate use of green elements from the garden. The lights are the main attraction of the shell house and make it no less than an adventurous space for kids. 

5. Living in the Rocks! 

Another main attraction connected to the garden is a living room situated out in the open surrounded by rocks and wood. Why bother going for camping while you can bring the perfect blend of adventure, life and joy in the parameter of your house! 

sachin tendulkar house 07

6. Epitome of Luxury: The Bedroom

interior design of celebrity homes

The Bedroom is a critical element in the interiors of celebrity homes. Master blaster’s Bedroom comes off as an epitome of efficient luxurious design. 

The generous use of quality woodworks with different finishes, textures and tones create a traditionally relevant relaxing abode. The interior decor further adds to the aesthetics of the design. 

After taking a tour of Sachin Tendulkar’s Mumbai villa, we can say that this house has a lot to offer for the visitors. The design scheme comes off as an appropriate conglomeration of functionality, convenience, luxury and aesthetics.