When it comes to interior design, very few elements prove to be as effective as ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles have stood the test of time, and can be extremely useful in enhancing the design appeal of spaces of any size or location. One of the factors responsible for the increased use of tiles is the enormous number of design variations, textures, colours and finishes. At the same time, ceramic tiles are also well known for their resistance and durability.

With so many options to choose from, it can get daunting to select the best shade/design for your space. Here are the top 4 latest shade schemes for ceramic tiles that can help you enhance the appeal of your area as per your requirement.

1. Natural Organic Colours:

color shades

The shades included in this scheme are a celebration of our belonging to nature. Organic colours incite the soothing emotions of comfort and tranquillity. Mainly, colours corresponding to vegetation like mossy or mint green are included in this scheme. Other colours like orange hues, natural wood-like shades and greyish browns add a natural, earthy appeal to the design. 

Interior Design Shade Card

Keros, Heredad – Belle Epoque (Floor: 25x25cm porcelain tiles and 4.5×4.5cm insets)

2. Simple, minimalistic colours:


In a fast-paced world, people are continually looking for a safe-haven within the confines of their home to evade the hustle culture. Tiled walls and floors with soft colours like grey shades of white and other neutral warm colours like beige or pink can provide a cosy environment. 

Interior Design Shade Card

Ibero Porcelánico. Sospiro. (Floor: 59x59cm rectified porcelain tiles & 20x20cm porcelain tiles. Walls: 29x100cm rectified white-body tiles)

With more people adopting minimalism as a way of life, the interest in simple, serene colours is only seen to be flourishing. 


3. Natural Dyes:


Not a fan of simple, dull and sober colours? Looking for more of a merrier shade? 

This scheme fits your requirement just right. This trend consists of a wide range of colours that possess a strong evocative appeal. From natural dye shades or plant fibres to cheerful bright yellow and jolly blues, this trend adds life to your space! 

Stunning, eye-catching plays of colours can be achieved by using this colour scheme. 

Azteca, Akila

Azteca, Akila (Floor: 60×120 & 60x60cm Akila 120 and Akila 60 porcelain tiles. Wall: 60×120 & 30x60cm Akila 120 and Akila 60 porcelain tiles)


4. Fading shades: 

Fading shades

Looking for a sophisticated yet modern design scheme? 

A colour scheme of fading shades is all you need. 

Roca, Marble Nouveau

Roca, Marble Nouveau (Floor: 120x120cm porcelain tiles)

With this trend, comes a natural subtle, sophisticated appeal for your space. For example, dark blue and matte black with appropriate glossy touches presents an aesthetically pleasing sense of depth in dark settings. When contrasted with mirrored, brushed or galvanized metal finishes, fading colours produce a surface of enhanced visual appeal. 


Source: Canadian Architect