Akshay Kumar is a highly successful Indian celebrity today. His wife Twinkle Khanna is an established Interior Designer. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to us that his abode in Juhu is going to have an enchanting air of sophisticated celebrity interiors

Very often, the interiors of celebrity homes follow a somewhat minimalistic modern outlook. This residence stands apart in a way that it presents enchanting art pieces and decor throughout the house. The interior design carries a scent of tradition that emanates throughout the living spaces and create a sense of belonging and identity. 

Here are seven takeaways from the celebrity interiors of Akshay Kumar’s Juhu Residence that are sure to catch the attention of modern designers and architects:   

1. Location

Akshay Kumar House 2

The clear view of Juhu seashore makes it a villa very much in touch with nature. A natural connection of the space is a luxury today. Therefore most of the celebrity homes carry a beautiful view of a natural landscape as in Rajnikanth’s residence in Pune. 

2. Drawing Room: decor and lighting

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As we enter the drawing-room of the villa, we experience the enchanting use of stylish lighting complimenting the woodworks all around the place. Large art decors add to the aesthetic appeal of the drawing-room. Interiors of celebrity homes often find a peaked interest of art enthusiasts. This home is a pleasing construction for every art lover out there! 

Despite the use of many art decors and interior pieces in the sitting area beside and above the sofa, the design scheme looks clean and uncluttered. This rare skill comes with experience for the novice designers but is sure to bring a lot of possibilities in the picture.  

3. The Artsy Living Room 

The design scheme of the living room is very similar to the other spaces in the villa. The extensive use of art decor on the walls and other areas create the appearance of a palace and comes off as a real treat to the eyes. 

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The use of brown and golden in the living room adds to the royal appeal of the design. The main attraction in this area is a golden glass top centre table that enhances the functionality of the plan. 

The use of wood is increasingly becoming popular in celebrity interiors because of the chic appeal it adds to the place. 

4. Dine with nature!

Look at that candle stand!

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With one side wholly connected to the greenery outside by large glass sliding partitions, the dining area comes off as a convenient place for mindful dining. A dining area in most of the interior design of celebrity homes or virtually any residential architecture should carry the sense of communication and connection. Mr Khiladi’s dining area holds the essence of luxury without taking it too far and is a convenient place for the family to come together. 

5. A Millenial Fantasy: Bedroom with a sea view

Evading a hectic lifestyle of glitz and glamour is a top priority for celebrities. When you can not show up in public without being swarmed by fans and followers, you long for a respite from the commotion inside the four walls of your home. 

Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna home picturess 7

The bedroom plays a vital role in adding a calm and serene ambience to the interior design of celebrity homes. If there is one area that affords no compromises on functionality and convenience; it’s the bedroom. 

This residence has a bedroom that is widely known as a millennial fantasy. The enchanting view of Juhu seaside connected to the interiors by large glass sliding doors is something that gives off a much-needed respite from chaos and commotion. 

6. A Traditional touch to the workplace 

Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna home picturess 8

Think we have evolved from the cute traditional table fans and pinboards in the workplace? Think again. The workplace area exemplifies a veneration of tradition and good taste in the house. Productivity is the number one priority, and the interior design preferences vary from person to person. 

7. Art Decor that steals hearts! 

As mentioned earlier, the house boasts of ample amount of art decor used throughout the villa. This inclination towards art shows the owner’s good taste in design and luxury. 

Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna home picturess 5

The interior design of celebrity homes come with a lot of unique inspiration and ideas for the professional designers practising today. Architects, designers and art enthusiasts can learn the appropriate use of art murals, decor, furnishing, tones, shades and textures for turning their next projects into a design marvel!