Kerala homes are famous for their natural ambience. In the present design scenario, professionals and amateurs alike prefer more rustic and natural elements in their homes. Therefore, buildings with vernacular design and with diverse raw materials are a common sight in southern parts of India.

This post presents four of the most rustic and organic Kerala homes for all your bedroom interior design inspiration.

1. Bedroom interior design that speaks to nature

Conceptualised by the LIJO.RENY.architects for a family residing in Sharjah, this Thrissur home is one of the most elegant Kerala homes. The house is close to the beach and surrounded in a beautiful green ambience.

kerala homes

Photo courtesy: Praveen Mohandas/ LIJO.RENY.architects

The home is an intimate property and features two distinct parallel bays that present the main functional areas. The bedroom interior design of this home consists of six bedrooms with a common attached area providing a lovely green ambience. All six bedrooms carry a similar style. However, to infuse personality and character in the interior design style, the different colour palette was used. The elegant bedrooms feature liberal use of colours like pink, yellow, grey and others in the decor.

2. Earthy materials

kerala homes

Photo courtesy: Prasanth Mohan, Running Studios/ Srijit Srinivas

The Brickhaus” from Thiruvananthapuram is the epitome of earthy design. The 4250 sq feet contemporary ambience stands out with an imaginative design that features the best use of light and space.

The traditional and aesthetically pleasing quality of the house is a sweet tribute to nostalgia, admits the architect of the project, Srijit Srinivas.

Coming to the bedroom interior design of this home, the landscaped courtyard outside permeates the bedroom through exposed brick louvres. On top of the earthy appeal of the design, the bedroom presents an elegant motif in the form of a CNC art of dancers carved on teak wood. This decor item alone sets the tone for the artsy appeal of this warm bedroom.

To complete the bedroom, several cosy seating nooks and a vivid upholstery adorn the room, and along with concrete, glazed flooring and neutral tones, the place offers beautiful rustic minimalism!

3. Wooden Cocoon

kerala homes

Photo courtesy: Prashant Bhat Photography/ Thought Parallels Architecture

Spread over a vast expanse of land and surrounding lush rubber plant foliage, this bungalow in Kerala contains a lot of inspiration for the modern designers.

The modern tropical taste blends in elegantly with the traditional architecture, producing a sweet warmth of natural living. This beautiful Kerala home is conceptualised by architect Nikhil Mohan and the interior designer Shabna Nikhil, the brains behind Thought Parallels Architecture.

The design palette is rustic, earthy and features a lot of natural charm of materials and textures. The same theme flows into the bedrooms. The traditional wooden roofs adorning the facade of the house, present the vernacular style.

Additionally, the muted tones in flooring and a decisive minimalistic furnishing approach keeps the interior design relaxed, inviting, and a perfect place to unwind!

4. Bedroom interior design that opens up to the world

This intriguing design is another work from the Thought Parallel Architecture professionals, Nikhil Mohan and Shabna Nikhil.

kerala homes

Photo courtesy: Ashiq MK/ Thought Parallels

The 3500 sq ft home features a lot of rustic inspiration for designers embraced in the lap of scenic Kozhikode. The sloping roofs and broad overhangs take care of Kerala’s monsoons. Moreover, the ample windows in the scheme take advantage of the city’s tropical climate and natural lighting.

The master bedroom features an innovative bedroom interior design. The wall behind the bed is a wooden screen that adds drama and intrigue in the space. The plenty of slats and the pitched roof above brings in warm sunshine and presents a cosy, spiritual ambience throughout the day!

Featured: Prashant Bhat Photography/ Thought Parallels Architecture