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From mismatched chairs with bold colours to clashing cupboard doors, there is a lot of options to convert your kitchen interior design or dining areas into a playful and lively ambience! Depending on your preference of the interior design styles and schemes, your choices may vary. Therefore, it is best to choose what works for your interiors and leave the rest. These 5 Colourful kitchen interior design ideas for your dining area or kitchen can lighten up your mood with their modern and fashionable appeal.


1. Traditional and Bright

kitchen interior design ideas

This folksy kitchen interior design is from a Victorian terrace in London. With a colour palette of bold, clashing colours and folksy prints, the design distinguishes itself from a sea of monotonous kitchen interior design. The Moroccan accessories complement the folksy appeal and add an exotic angle to the place.

And Voila! We get a quirky space reeking of joy and vibrance.


2. Retro with Red, White and Blue

kitchen interior design ideas

It is impossible to not swoon over the retro out-of-time interior design styles that seem to never go out of fashion. This trendy kitchen presents a farrago of splashes of red, white and blue and combines vintage style to create a bold, upbeat ambience.

The amazing quality of bringing balance into private spaces like the dining area and kitchen is a skill most professionals lack. This design can go along with most of the interior design styles, from modern and minimalistic to chic rustic. By the strategic use of three colours (four, including the wood), this is one of the most successful occasions of bringing bold colours to work!


3. Eyecatching Kitchen Counters

kitchen interior design ideas

Nothing looks more bold and joyful than bright geometric prints! These scaled patterns create an enchanting presence that is impossible to miss. The retro bar stools feature complementary colours, while the rest of the room is presenting a backdrop with darker colours (black, grey). Overall, this kitchen interior design provides the perfect spot for unwinding with good food and music!


4. American Retro Diner

kitchen interior design ideas

This kitchen features salvaged and repurposed pieces, adding to the prevalent retro “American Diner” feel. The colour palette presents neutral, comfortable colours including pink, teal, cream and yellow.


5. Sweet Modern Eclectic

kitchen interior design ideas

This might be the dining area straight out of the Hansel and Gretel fairytale! The sweetshop like interiors with mismatched photo frames, contrasting chairs and quirky, upbeat cushions, create a vibrant space most suitable for a home with toddlers.

The rest of the furnishing is basic with a white centre table and a dark wooden bench. This means we can achieve a similar effect with a few accessories and a little paint in our homes.
The colourful bunting with multiple patterns ties the room’s colours together nicely and completes the joyful design scheme.


6. Round The World

kitchen interior design ideas

Whether you like Rustic or traditional, this gorgeous kitchen interior design is one of the favourites among the community. The stunning purple table works wonderfully with the large world map on the wall. The brown and black chairs, create an aura of tradition and add to the room’s overall vintage vibe.

Kitchen interior design has a significant part to play in setting the mood for your day. Colour palette is not the only thing matters here. Convenience and functionality, as always should be at the top of your priorities. Therefore, to make the best of your days, you need a design style that suits you best and incites the most positive emotions inside of you. We hope these kitchen interior design ideas help you craft the perfect kitchen/dining area for your dream home!