Setting your first foot in the world of internet and social media marketing is a leap of faith. You might already have trust issues wondering if it’s worth the effort. Marketing for architects is increasingly becoming popular nowadays because of the results social media is producing. But it can be daunting to start building your online profile from scratch. However, keeping in mind a few simple things one can create an eye-catching online presence that will work wonders for your professional prospects!

Once you get your website up, there is something you should keep in mind; your work has only begun. Without engagement on your posts, all your work means nothing! 

Here are seven ideas for your marketing strategy that are sure to bring you the recognition you deserve! 

1. Optimise the Video Content

Unless your writing has the superpower of grabbing your visitor’s attention, almost everyone would prefer just watching the video content on your website or social media. 

Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to convert leads. With quality content relevant to your field in video format, you can make people stay on your website for longer. A longer stay time will surely bring you more projects.

2. High-Quality Original Images

Whether it is your online portfolio or a group picture of your team, the picture quality on your website tells the visitor a lot about your standards. People judge based on what strikes the eye. A website riddled with stock images is bound to keep people away. 

Instead, use 3D renderings for showcasing your architectural skills. With excellent 3D visualisation and CGI backgrounds, your website will find its way to the top pretty soon! 

3. Run your Blog

Create an exciting online presence for your firm by running a blog consistently on your website. Writing about the content relevant to your field and not boasting about your projects all the time is sure to find you a loyal audience. 

As seen with numerous success studies of architectural firms, blogging is an extremely effective way to build respect for yourself in the online design community. 

As Gary Vee, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world right now says, 

“Really wanting to help is the best marketing strategy.”

4. Learn the Basics of Web Design

Very few things affect your viewership as your website design does. A cluttered, unorganised website with spams and ads all over the place is not a good sight!

Always keep your website clean and focus on accessibility. A clean design appeals to a broader audience and can grab leads for you faster than you can imagine. 

5. Optimise the content for voice search

Having your website optimised for voice search will help you immensely in getting local clients. Alexa, Siri and Google voice search are becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience they provide the user. 

One trick to ace this part is to have an FAQ page on your website. It will increase the visibility of your content and help you rank higher on google rankings. 

6. User-generated Content

According to a survey done by Stackla, people are 2.4 times more likely to name UGC trustworthy than any other kind of content created by brands.

Having user-generated content on your website gives a tremendous boost to your website’s credibility. Sharing content from other people in the community will help you build healthy business relationships.  

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Marketing for architects takes time to master, but the rewards are so worth the struggle!

To have an extra edge over the competition, you can choose one of the packages provided by Architectoniq for all your marketing needs. From email writing and social media marketing to blogs and LinkedIn profiles, having the right people by your side, your architectural practice will flourish and finally get you the recognition you deserve!