The field of interior design today is showing enormous growth in terms of utility and aesthetics alike. For a generation that values art and is well-versed with its profound impact on the human psyche, the modern curved sofa design is one of the most popular trends in 2020!

When the world is gearing up for the new years, now is the perfect time to reassess your living room interior design by adding a personality hint. A curved sofa design in your home creates an ideal balance between the sharp edges, stark surfaces of modern houses and pairs them with elegant curves.

This post presents five beautiful modern curved sofa design ideas that will instantly ramp up the appeal of your interiors. It’s high time you grab a catalogue!

1. Curved sofa design with rich velvet luxury

modern curved sofa design

Image Credit: Greg Natale/Photography: Anson Smart

This elegant masterpiece from Greg Natale features a sleek interplay of geometry and dark shades. With beautiful white backdrops with accent cushions, this rich aubergine velvet strikes the message home!

This design is proof that curved sofas aren’t reserved for playful ambiences, but work exceptionally well with luxurious styles too!

2. Curved sofa design that faces the ocean

modern curved sofa design

Image Credit: Finchatton

In this Bahamian property facing the ocean, the living room presents a playful display of creativity. From Finchatton’s Jiin Kim-Inoue portfolio, this living room interior design the two curved serpentine sofas around a circular Tai Ping rug resonate with the waves of the ocean!

Receiving the room with an overwhelming amount of geometries, Jiin didn’t want to add any more. With the circular shape for the leading furniture group, this living room became one of the most beautiful ambiences in the property.

3. Modern curved sofa design from a London Penthouse

modern curved sofa design

Image Credit: Spinocchia Freund

The living room interior design from Spinocchia Freund lights up this double-height, London penthouse.  With the elegant stepped design, this space adds a beautiful dimension to the silhouette.  The rug design underneath balances the texture and hue with a starburst design!

4. Colourful modern curved sofa design

modern curved sofa design

Image Credit: B. A. Torrey

Vibrant colours in furnishing are one of the most popular interior design trends in 2020. You might be having double thoughts of having these colourful additions in your living room interior design. Most people think these splashes of colour might appear odd in small homes and apartments. We disagree! Colourful curved sofa design can bring the focal point of the design at the centre. The result: a beautiful ambience with personality!

With B. A. Torrey’s design, this serpentine sofa in vibrant tangerine creates a distinctly modern appeal in this Greenwich Village Living room.  The colourful addition finds just the right place in a home with a sunny, aerial beachfront picture and a neutral, powdery white backdrop.

The vintage Dakota Jackson Screw coffee table, Gabriel Scott side tables pointing towards the button-tufted armchairs, accentuates the design’s retro appeal!

5. Modern Curved Sofa Design with a touch of sophistication

Fortunately, the misconception that curved sofas are for celebrity vacation homes and other informal places is now a thing of past!

From coffee houses to the most sophisticated corporate offices, this beautiful piece of art permeates all boundaries. There is a reason why a curved sofa is one of the go-to interior design trends in 2020 for professionals and amateurs alike!

modern curved sofa design

Image Credit: 1508 London

A seen in this sophisticated ambience, the creamy upholstery accentuates the appeal of the golden cushions. With lustrous lattice rug and a glass-topped table, the design is completed with an air of sophistication with minimal efforts. The Lollipop Porta Romana Chandelier on top works exceptionally well with the other elements in the room.

With so many possibilities in interior design, we have only begun to explore the potential of modern curved sofa design in 2020. Maybe it’s time to give your living room an artistic facelift?