For the design community, this is the age of comebacks. From the eloquent arrival of mid-century modern styles to the natural fibre furniture like Rattan chairs, the design community is flourishing with ideas. Rattan decor ideas in modern homes do the vital work of breaking the monotony of sharp lines and stark surfaces. Additionally, the warmth from rattan furniture is irreplaceable once you get a hold over the style!

From crafting beautiful balcony interior design to accessorising the living room with additional seating; this post presents seven Rattan decor ideas that add functionality and aesthetics in your home!

1. Start from the outdoors


Rattan decor ideas

When placed in the outdoors, natural fibre furniture does an exceptionally well job at maintaining the continuity of inner and outdoor connection.

A cosy seating nook with Rattan furniture in your porch can instantly create an excellent first impression for this holiday season!

2. Rattan Bedframe

Rattan decor ideas


Notice how sleek the dark bed frame appears over the neutral light blue tone in this suite. Diversifying your material palette with natural fibre furniture can make your bedroom interior design stand out from the plethora of overpriced bedroom designs out there!

3. Curb your storage

Rattan decor ideas

With an elegant galvanised tray at the top, this rattan trunk can function as a storage element as well as a side table! Natural fibres like Rattan are frequently employed in open layout plans in furnishing.

4. Rattan decor ideas for the dining area

Rattan decor ideas

Instead of overwhelming the space with Rattan furniture, we urge you to use two Rattan chairs at opposite ends of the table and employ benches for the other sides. With an eye for moderation, Rattan decor can highlight the most elegant interior designs in modern homes!

5. Rattan decor ideas as wall decor

Rattan decor ideas

Wall decor in the form of old rattan trays is all you need to cover that stark white backdrop in your dining area.

Decorating with rattan and wicker elements is one of the most popular interior design trends in 2020 that can make a perfect home!

6. Rattan hanging chair for a swing in your home

Rattan decor ideas

Having a swing in your home is a millennial fantasy since forever. Unfortunately, most people have the misconception that these beautiful additions come with a huge price tag!

With a rattan chair hanging in your home, you can get yourself a favourite spot to unwind after the day. Keep an eye out for this Rattan furniture while heading for the market as these are easily accessible in most stores.

7. Rattan living room design in rustic homes

Rattan decor ideas


With the rise in popularity of rustic interior design, people are experimenting with natural fibre furniture as the mainstream style in their homes. Rattan decor ideas from this beautiful living room design are all you need to pull off a sleek, elegant yet functional scheme!

The popularity of rattan and wicker design can be attributed to other design trends like the biophilic design. These seven Rattan decor ideas will help you immensely in creating functional, aesthetically top-notch and warm ambiences!