Pictures: © Vinay Panjwani

The Saar Pool & Spa is a part of an existing residence in the city of Ahmedabad, India. The demand was for a recreational area with a lap pool, gym and spa, while retaining most of the garden around the residence.

DSC 1813

© Vinay Panjwani

The Pool & Spa is based underground and connects directly to an existing basement entertainment area. The pool is the main central attraction of the space, on which the spa floats like a lantern. The installed ribbed glass louvres control the degree of privacy of the area.

A long skylight installed above illuminates the area connecting the extension with the old existing space. A separate entrance over a flight of stairs on a stone slab over the pool connects the area to the living space. Additionally, the spa is also accessible through the main house.

DSC 1658

© Vinay Panjwani

The material palette used is strategically chosen for a comforting ambience. The exposed concrete, grey granite with varied finishes serve the purpose well. Additionally, the use of bamboo veneer further adds to the warmth of the design.

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© Vinay Panjwani

For enabling easy access to the pool, the main entrance of the bungalow had to be redesigned. A large steel pivot door now connects the parking cum drop off area with the entrance to the court. Curved white spaces along the parking contain a waiting room and other facilities for drivers.