While we are on the subject of addressing the design challenges of remodelling a small home, we obviously won’t leave sight of a component as critical as colour. In this article, we bring you 8 stunning colour options that can be the perfect choice for small house interior design!

The importance of colour in moulding the feel of the space is unparalleled. These eight colour shades will create the illusion of depth and grandness in your area. Additionally, these shades can also help you to infuse intimacy and warmth following the décor you use!

So grab on to your paintbrush and unleash your creativity!


1. Super White

small house interior design


The reflective surfaces all around the interiors will instantly brighten the space while now multiplying the area of the interiors. Modern and contemporary styles feature the extensive use of shades like super white for its characteristic clean and uncluttered appeal.

Concerned about the cold and stark outlook? Add some affordable décor options like indoor plants and warm furnishing to soften the tone, and you are good to go!


2. Beige

small house interior design


Not a fan of bright white? No worries. You can never go wrong with beige hues in a small house interior design. The neutral warmth of this shade helps the designer to infuse warmth and comfort in the interiors.


3. Mint Green

small house interior design


Shades like mint green have the appeal of a coastal interior design. The mint green is another vibrant choice to avoid mundane interiors. Try incorporating creamy décor elements to create a convenient contrast in your areas, as seen in the picture.


4. Soft Yellow

small house interior design


The soothing appeal of yellow shades makes it a perfect fit for kitchens, dining areas or even kids rooms! The fun and playful outlook of creamy yellow shades create an atmosphere for learning without taking too much of the visual focus. The subtle backdrop of yellow can instantly widen the visual perception of the area.


5. Sky blue

small house interior design


This one is a no brainer. The sky blue is the colour of choice in spaces like bedrooms where the soothing blue sky hues craft the perfect setting for unwinding. Additionally, soft shades of sky blue help expand the apparent area of the room, making it just the right choice for small house interior designs!


6. Grey

small house interior design

Björn Wallander

The dull outlook of the grey hues is a nightmare for designers. However, with so many variants available, the glossy version of grey shades can create a compelling display with shadows and daylight. The intrigue of grey paired with eclectic décor is a stunning combination that never goes out of style!


7. Dark Teal

small house interior design


This shade is for people who are all about expressive interiors. The depth and dimensions of the space are multiplied once dark teal adores a room, consequently increasing the visual perception!

The smaller the area, the better the dark shades work with the shadows.


8. Tan

small house interior design


This shade is perfect for infusing intimacy and warmth in the space. The lovely tan shade makes you want to cuddle up in a cosy blanket with your favourite book in hands.  Using hues like Tan in small house interior designs can instantly increase the value of the design scheme.

While nothing is written in stone, there are some tried and tested ways to handle the obstacles we face while designing small homes. Incorporating these eight colour shades in your colour palette can make your life a whole lot easier. Happy painting!