An overwhelming majority of people can’t afford those lavish mansions the design and decor magazines feature. Does that mean for the general public, an elegant design is something beyond reach? That is where we disagree. In this article, we feature small house interior design ideas that are going to boost the appeal of your interiors.

Although space is a vital component for a successful interior design scheme, it is not a necessity. Way too many homes with poor design implementation are riddled with ample unused space. The skill of decorating a home to increase the aesthetics and functionality is something that comes with time and experience. With enough interior design ideas in your arsenal, you can come up with just the right scheme for your place!


1. Use a Bright Colour Palette

small house interior design ideas

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny

Light colours and clean lines blend effortlessly into the landscape and create depth in the room. Most designs feature scaled-down patterns in monochromatic hues, without any visual clutter to amplify the space.

Try out exciting varieties of textures and materials to keep the warmth of the space alive with neutral tones all around the area.


2. Integrated Storage

small house interior design ideas

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny

The integrated storage is a must in the small house interior design. When space is a limiting constraint, designers go out looking for multipurpose furnishings to create functionality. Integrated storage all around the private area saves you from nasty storage issues prevalent in small homes.

Have a set of customised built-in furnishing adoring the storage nooks and under the bench areas. Instead of separately installing every piece, think more creatively. You can have plenty of options for getting things done in less square footage area.

Invest in some cheap ottomans and use them as coffee tables and chairs when you have people over.


3. Mirrors

small house interior design ideas


The trick of using mirrors to amplify the space is tried and tested. With enough decor mirrors available in the market, mirrors are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your personality and style.

Additionally, mirrors create the impression of lighter and airier spaces.


4. Create Zones

small house interior design ideas

Designer: Solo Design Studio

Creating different zones in the small house interior design with the help of curtains is another very effective way to compartmentalise and extract functionality. Different zones like the sleeping area and the living room can be distinctly decorated and separated from the visual field to create a compelling display of elegance.


5. Wall Desk For Home Office

small house interior design ideas

The rise of wall desks is self-explanatory. The wall desks are the gateways to creating functionality out of thin air in the small house interior design schemes.

Adding cabinets and shelves on top helps you take even more advantage of the space.


6. Good Lighting

small house interior design ideas

There are a lot of areas in the house where the lighting is compromised. One can efficiently resolve the issue in cramped spaces like bathrooms by installing little windows.


7. Foldable Seating

small house interior design ideas

Designed by Hecker Guthrie

The strategic use of lightweight furniture will do wonders to space. Foldable seating options will not clutter the visual appeal of the place and are available in an affordable range of prices.


8. Think Vertically

small house interior design ideas

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk Visualizer: Anya Garienchick

When running short of horizontal space, start thinking vertically!

Install ceiling level cabinets and bookshelves; it not only helps you with the storage but also creates the illusion of the room being higher than it is!

An elegant design scheme is the result of a holistic approach to address the client’s lifestyle needs while suiting the aesthetic and style taste. Therefore, if you find your space small and congested, you need to reconsider your design. These useful small house design ideas will help you make the most out of your place.