In a world driven by the internet, being good at social media is a valuable skill. For a social media strategy to work, you have to be able to produce content that grabs attention. Creating highly engaging content, however, is not an easy thing to do. To build a professional presence on social media, architects and designers have to know what exactly to post to squeeze out the maximum benefits. 

Social media marketing for architects and other similar professions is not easy. Especially with so much competition out there already. To help you stand out from the rest of the crowd, here are a few ideas to up your game and get more clients:

Food Pictures

There is a whole niche on the internet dedicated to food and nutrition. Thousands of daily searches are related to food only. Sharing pictures of meals and your team dining out can make you appear in these searches and grow your firm.

However, you need to make sure you don’t overdo this one! 

Link to the News Article that talks about your project

In case your project gets featured in some news article, you need to post these links to your social media. This will make a good impression on your visitors and help massively in building credibility.

Branded Images 

Humans are very sentient creatures. We get influenced by visual cues very easily. Therefore, having good quality images with your logo and branding is a must for social media marketing. 

Posting Infographics

This is another growing trend among architects and building contractors. Infographics are a concise tool to put your content across in a fast-paced world. 

Steal hearts by posting cute pictures

There is a reason why videos with cute pets steal millions of views on social media. You can always use this to your advantage by featuring kids, babies, pets and anything conventionally attractive in your project pictures. 

Target a wide Audience

It is easy to get stuck within the confines of your profession and endlessly obsess over the content you’re posting. But what is essential is that your potential clients may not be thinking like you. Creating diversity in your feed is critical to target a broader set of audience and attract clients from all walks of life. Take special care not to overdo this as people may start finding your feeds irrelevant.

Sharing the values of your company

The values of your company will help you to understand the ways of interacting with the clients. If you can paint an insight into the way the company works, it will be immensely beneficial.

Strategically placed brandings

Make sure your logos and brand images are placed in appropriate locations. Ask yourself what the first thing a visitor sees when they visit your profile is. 

Produce content on trending topics

This is quite a simple and effective strategy for architects, designers and pretty much anyone. You can visit the top charts on construction in Google and then find out exactly what the people are searching for.

Sharing pictures in communities

It is a good idea to share team photos in different social media communities. This can help you grow your network.

Share your archives

This would give transparency to your brand. Sharing pictures of your first office(s) and staff can be a subtle way of showing the world how far you’ve come!

Showcase an inclusive work environment

With so much going on in the world to establish an egalitarian society, it would be beneficial to show the world you’re doing your part. Showcasing an all-inclusive work environment on social media, with people coming from different religions, genders and communities to make a difference to the world, will help you gain respect. 

you x ventures Oalh2MojUuk unsplash

Share details of the past or the upcoming projects 

Most people are fond of renderings. Make sure you include high-quality renderings from past projects in your social media feed to show people your skill. 

Share relevant updates

Keep an eye on what your audience is responding to. Additionally, make sure you leave no stone unturned in keeping the world updated with your present and past projects. 

Highlight your Material Palette

It would be an excellent idea to include your material palette in your social feed. Let it be known to the world what your firm is capable of working with. Textures, colours, materials add versatility to your professional profile. 

Social media for architects and designers can open doors to a wide range of opportunities. Not only does it significantly increase the leads, but it also builds authenticity and credibility for your firm.