Today, social media has become a foundation for marketing for architects. People can communicate and connect with present and potential clients through various social media platforms. However, creating engaging content is not an easy task. There is an ocean of content out there! 

Social media marketing is way more than posting aesthetically pleasing pictures for your audience. Though pictures are important, they can not get you results alone. In a competitive world as of today’s, what you need is a whole plethora of ideas to build a glorious online presence. 

Here are a few social media post ideas that will help you build a decent following and boost your professional prospects!


1. Post the Behind The Scenes

Apart from posting complete projects, it is good to post some behind the scenes! People are drawn to authenticity and “keeping it real”. This is a good option to show how your firms deal with projects daily and what services you provide. 

2. Showcase Healthy Competition

People love witnessing friendly competitions. Moreover, these competitions also help the viewers to get a better insight into the organization and know about the culture. A healthy and competitive work environment goes a long way in building a professional reputation. 

3. Updated Progress Reports

Just posting the touched up images of the completed project will not get you the results you want. The viewers must be able to see the pictures of the steps that you and your team members have taken to complete the project. This shows your problem-solving skills. 

4. Show Your Team

Showing pictures of your team with their families will help the customers to get a glimpse of the kind of lifestyle your team members follow outside work. This builds credibility and authenticity, two of the very important traits in the professional world.

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5. Posting Project Applications

The best way to showcase your completed project is to post videos and images of them being used after completion. This explains the point well to your potential clients allowing them to think how your expertise can ease their lives. 

6. Inspire the Dreamers

One of the most important reasons for people to get attracted to social media is the fact that it helps you to go into a world of dreams. Therefore it is important to showcase projects that a lot of customers would be aspiring to stay in.

7. Showcase a Happy Work Environment

Try sharing some of the office party photographs with your followers. This will be good for the present, past and also the future clients. They will be able to get a better idea of the culture of your company. Showcasing a happy and healthy work environment is an important part of social media marketing. 

8. Sharing Candid Team Moments

It is a good idea to share a picture of the office staff having a fun time together. Since the customers tend to visit the social media page to know about the people of your company, these pictures will help them to get an idea about the type of people working in your company. 

But don’t fake! People can see through this very easily. Pretentious pictures don’t influence very much. 

9. Building Credibility by Posting Industry Insights

If you want your past, present, and your future clients to know that you are an industry expert, you should post the industry insights with some of the exceptionally good posts that have good imagery and graphics. This will help your followers to know that you know your work. 

10. Sharing the “On the boards” Projects 

If you are showcasing the projects that are coming up then it is showing your audience that you are still very much into the business. This will help the audiences remain interested in your company. Keeping the world updated with your projects invites a lot of post engagement. 

11. Share the Relevant Details

If you share details about some of the most relevant information and decisions are taken about your company, it will help them understand the background of the organization. The customers would certainly be interested to know about the founder and the history of the company before getting associated.

12. Portray a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Architects tend to work day in and day out. But if you can show a proper balance between your life and work, it will certainly help to humanize your brand and will also be able to connect to the people in their struggle of establishing a work-life balance.

13. Writing and Linking to appropriate Blog Posts

Blogs are important for the contractors and it is all the more important for you to share them with the audience. Additionally, Writing on your field of expertise is a tried and tested method of making it big on social media. 

14. Sharing funny and motivational posts

Good quality humour and motivational posts go a long way in establishing a welcoming, friendly presence on the internet. 

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15. Statistics

It is a good option to share the statistics of the amount of work that has been completed, the cost of the materials, the amount of the construction materials required, etc. Transparency is very much respected and is seen as a high-value trait in the professional world today. 

Social media is a game-changer when it comes to digital marketing for architects, therefore choosing the right advertising ideas will be extremely helpful.