Top 10 Must Have Books for Architects

must have books for architects

The field of architecture is vast. With disciplines like landscape design, interior design, urban planning, history and philosophy, developing complete perfection in your craft of architecture is difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, to create a thorough understanding of the subject, there is a need for referring to a diverse array of educational resources for architecture … Read more

Let’s Hear from the Legend: B. V. Doshi


The name Balkrishna Doshi holds special significance in the context of Indian design. With 67 years of architectural practice, B.V. Doshi has become the face of the most venerated designs in the country. From revolutionalising architecture education to implementing global design practice in the Indian subcontinent, B.V. Doshi has led to massive improvements in the … Read more

WFH for a Team of 100+ Architects: See how this firm did it

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In the present scenario, the Work From Home culture has pretty much taken over the world. With giant firms all across the globe adopting this methodology to stay ahead of the game in these times, work from home is no more a random buzzword. WFH has enabled these companies to be productive and efficient when … Read more

Gauribidanur Residence from Cadence Architects

Gauribidanur Residence from Cadence Architects

Pictures: © Anand Jaju The house is situated in the historical city of Gauribidanur in Karnataka with roads on two sides flanking the ‘L’ shaped site measuring 3038 sq ft. The ground floor has car parking, entry, a living space, kitchen, dining and a guest bedroom. The L-shaped architecture is maintained on all the floors. … Read more

A London architect has been fined £2,000 by the ARB, know why?

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In January 2017, Toyin Oduse, a London based architect and founder of Abbey Wood-based SE2 Creatives was hired to extend the client’s home based on another architect’s consented design. The job should have been completed in 4 months.  However, things didn’t go well when Oduse later accepted extra cash in return for building his client … Read more

Saar Pool & Spa for a Private Residence by Vastu Shilpa Consultants

DSC 2203

Pictures: © Vinay Panjwani The Saar Pool & Spa is a part of an existing residence in the city of Ahmedabad, India. The demand was for a recreational area with a lap pool, gym and spa, while retaining most of the garden around the residence. The Pool & Spa is based underground and connects directly … Read more

The Arham House from Dipen Gada and Associates

000 FI 01

© Tejas Shah Photography The Arham House, built on a 1540 sq.ft area is located in the residential locality of Kareliabugh in Vadodara. The simple, serene design is an example of decent construction on a somewhat restricted land area. The client demanded four bedrooms with living, dining, kitchen and other basic needs. The overall planning … Read more

02, The Hidden House by A+T Associates

00 FI

© Tejas Shah Location Located in the heart of North Vadodara, this project called 02, The Hidden House is built by the A+T Associates in the space of 12,000 sq.ft. With an 18-meter wide road in the front, the house exemplifies a modern design with clean lines and stark surfaces, creating an appearance that justifies its … Read more

What Can Social Media do for Architects?

social media

Today, the whole world is on the internet. The influence of the internet on our lives has been phenomenal and is proven to be one of the most useful human inventions so far. With social media quickly becoming an essential part of the lives of people, the ways of the world are changing. At this … Read more