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Modern Interior Design: 7 Stylish Homes

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Picture: Scott Frances At the core of modern interior design, lies the philosophy of crafting functional spaces from the essential elements. With so much similarity with minimalistic and contemporary interior design, the modernist interiors are often confused with these two interior design styles.  Modern interior design with its clean lines, warm use of woodwork, and bold … Read more

7 Glorious Projects featuring Contemporary Interior Design Styles

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Picture: Scott Frances In the modern scenario, the quest for a balanced mix of sleek surfaces, crisp, elegant furnishings and top-notch art decor comes to an end at contemporary interior design styles. Earlier, this design scheme had a reputation of being uninviting and mundane. However, things have changed rapidly with the impeccable introduction of warmth … Read more

5 Content Marketing Tips to Grow Your Architecture Firm!

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A lot has changed over the past few decades. The practice of architecture and design has sprung into unprecedented change over the years. In this age of the Internet and social media, your success as an architect doesn’t only depend on the skillset you learnt in your professional training. There is one most important skill … Read more

A London architect has been fined £2,000 by the ARB, know why?

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In January 2017, Toyin Oduse, a London based architect and founder of Abbey Wood-based SE2 Creatives was hired to extend the client’s home based on another architect’s consented design. The job should have been completed in 4 months.  However, things didn’t go well when Oduse later accepted extra cash in return for building his client … Read more

Saar Pool & Spa for a Private Residence by Vastu Shilpa Consultants

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Pictures: © Vinay Panjwani The Saar Pool & Spa is a part of an existing residence in the city of Ahmedabad, India. The demand was for a recreational area with a lap pool, gym and spa, while retaining most of the garden around the residence. The Pool & Spa is based underground and connects directly … Read more

Top 9 LinkedIn tricks for Architects, Designers and Allied professionals

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LinkedIn marketing is one of the most critical parts of your social media plan. As an architect, you will be able to stay in touch with your past and present clients and generate leads. LinkedIn is one of the best ways for your firm to grow. To establish your presence in such a crowded platform … Read more

Office Complex for Gopal Printpack Solutions from I-Con Architects and Urban Planners


© Bhavesh Raghavani, Yellow-Frames Photography The Gopal Printpack Solutions factory is located in Metoda, an industrial area in Rajkot, Gujarat. The design highlights the office building keeping the rest of the factory in the background. To accomplish this, the I-Con Architects and Urban Planners built the square plan of the office building at an angle … Read more

Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Architects, Designers and Allied Professionals

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Social media constitutes a vital part of the marketing campaign. There are different social media platforms present, and the approach of each one of them is slightly different from each other. Therefore it is essential to find out, which is the social media platform where you should spend maximum time and how should you make … Read more