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How Technology is Shaping Interior Design Today

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The world of Interior Design is very much undergoing a rapid shift because of the technologies like AI, Augmented Reality and 3D Printing. Nowadays, firms all over the world are finding applications of these technologies in decoration and remodelling. The quest for a sustainable, affordable, consumer-focused design pieces has led us to a promising world … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Architecture

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With the world getting in sync with the fourth industrial revolution, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big data, machine learning are quickly becoming the talk of the town. The immense excitement surrounding these technological advancements is mainly because of the changes they will bring to our world. Architecture is no different; AI and machine learning are … Read more

Work From Home Culture and Architectural Practice

Work from home culture

It is safe to say at this point of time that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees. With the economy plummeting and businesses collapsing throughout the world, one can only wonder if there is a way out of this. In a scenario like this, companies are quickly resorting to the work … Read more

How to dramatically improve your renders


With content marketing increasingly setting its foot in various sectors and profession, the world is changing its ways rapidly. For a profession like architecture that relies a lot on representation to convince potential clients, presentation becomes a vital factor. With improved rendering, a project’s presentation can be made significantly effective. In an era with daily … Read more

16 Best 3D Modelling Software for Architecture (2020)

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For an architect or a designer, modelling and rendering are an important part of the job. Being able to present their ideas and projects with 3D models allow them to influence the people around them. Enhanced 3D modelling can be vital for getting clients. Architects, designers and hobbyists aim to use the best of the … Read more