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5 Best Home Design Apps

best home design apps

In the social media-driven world, the future of nearly everything is the internet. With AI, AR and VR, the design practice is going to see enormous changes from the conventional office practice. We are moving towards a future where ease of access, convenience and development are top priorities.  Interior design is not easy. With endless … Read more

8 Best Interior Design Books to Inspire Your Practice

best interior design books

Interior design is a dynamic field. With continuous shifts in the pop culture and mainstream social media, different styles and schemes keep coming into the picture. From traditional earthy design schemes to more modern minimalistic designs of lines and surfaces, the spectrum of interior design is vast. Therefore it is essential to keep up with … Read more

4 Things to Know About The Future of Interior Design Services

Interior design services

Gone are the days of 2009 when brass, barn-wood panelling, and exposed-filament Edison bulbs were in high demand. Most of the designer products went exclusively to the trade, pricing was often a closely guarded secret, and Instagram and Pinterest weren’t in the picture.  Technology played a critical role in turning affordable interior design services into reality and … Read more

4 Reasons To Pursue Interior Design as a Career

Interior design as a career

Design is one crucial element that unites people. Whether it is the historical masterpieces of Michelangelo and Da Vinci or more contemporary artforms and decor, good interior design can leave people swooning. Interior design as a career is flourishing in the new economy with people getting more and more serious about their priorities. With enough … Read more

5 Ways AI is Shaping Content Marketing

Content marketing and AI

Creating valuable content on the internet is not easy. Content creation and content profiling can prove to be exhausting, especially for someone in a profession as demanding as that of an architect’s. However, with technology rapidly taking over every aspect of our lives, it comes off as no surprise that the field of content marketing … Read more

How Technology is Shaping Interior Design Today

uniboa NrMGL5MR8uk unsplash scaled

The world of Interior Design is very much undergoing a rapid shift because of the technologies like AI, Augmented Reality and 3D Printing. Nowadays, firms all over the world are finding applications of these technologies in decoration and remodelling. The quest for a sustainable, affordable, consumer-focused design pieces has led us to a promising world … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Architecture

yuyeung lau lr5mTjURI5c unsplash scaled

With the world getting in sync with the fourth industrial revolution, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big data, machine learning are quickly becoming the talk of the town. The immense excitement surrounding these technological advancements is mainly because of the changes they will bring to our world. Architecture is no different; AI and machine learning are … Read more

Work From Home Culture and Architectural Practice

Work from home culture

It is safe to say at this point of time that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees. With the economy plummeting and businesses collapsing throughout the world, one can only wonder if there is a way out of this. In a scenario like this, companies are quickly resorting to the work … Read more

The House of Voids from BetweenSpaces Architects

00 FI South Facade 02

Pictures by: Shamanth Patil J Location Located in the urban city of Bangalore, the House of Voids built by the BetweenSpaces architects stands apart in its design. Built in an area of 50ftX100ft, the house has a distinct 6′ deep balcony on the south and southeastern side at the second-floor level that is vital in … Read more

How AR and VR Will Enhance the Future


The Future of the Sports Arena Experience Ever since people started incorporating physical activities in their lifestyle, there is a sense of community that comes with it. People from all walks of life and different communities joining hands to cheer for their team makes it a surreal experience. For the sports fanatics, very few experiences … Read more