The Breeze House is in Siem Reap town (Cambodia) adjacent to one of the world’s most incredible ancient site Angkor Archaeological Park. It is a modern tropical residence that perfectly blends a natural landscape with a contemporary setting. Tree management is a very vital part of architecture like this as the organization of the house responds to the climate and preexisting trees of the site. The design process, which involved lengthy discussions with the client, mainly focused on the experiences of interior and exterior spaces.

Balancing the qualities of a spacious environment, keeping in mind the privacy issues was of utmost importance for the design. A sitting space included near a water feature allows a view into the interior areas, including the kitchen, dining, entrance and the hallway. The whole house shows a design, in sync with the client’s movement throughout the day.


The design culminated into a central distributing space, with a light well space as a fixed point, while water features encircle the area. The central open light well connects the living space of the family, capturing abundant natural light and providing the stack effect to drive ventilation to internal openings. As mentioned before, garden plants and trees are the highlights of this project.

A series of the terrace, water fountain and walkway create a public outdoor space connecting the indoors to the natural landscape. Natural vegetation enabled a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space around buildings. This space allows inhabitants to experience the outside breeze and the sound of rain without compromising their privacy.

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Pictures: © Oudompheaktra Ang