Picture: Karam Puri

For a country with such a vibrant cultural diversity, its only natural that Indian interior design is immensely popular for its artsy and cosy aesthetics. Today, designers all over the world are turning towards the subcontinent for adopting Indian interior design ideas for their projects.  

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, cultural and traditional aesthetics vary. However, the comforting air of Indian interior design is familiar to almost all the regional aesthetic tastes. 

Be it temple motif architecture from the southern states or the intricate carvings of carrying a hint of Arabic architecture seen on Mughal monuments, Indian interior design is a fresh farrago of all these influences. In the end, we get a design scheme with stunning aesthetics and a warm appeal.

But don’t let the expensive and complicated schemes of the Indian interior design style overwhelm you. Indian interior design is cheaper than you think! 

Here are the only 5 Indian interior design ideas you need to turn your desi dream home into reality! 

1. Colour Palette for the Maharajas! 

A bright and diverse colour palette is all you need for creating an Indian interior design scheme. The caveat is that you need to keep things simple. A clutter-free design scheme is visually appealing and has a calming effect on the inhabitant. 

indian interior design

One way to create a perfect interior is to go after earthy tones like beige, brown and ochre yellow. Creating a contrasting appeal with vibrant colours hits the point across well! 

You can also opt for a bicolour theme – using a calmer shade as a base colour and bursts of bright primary colours for accents.

2. Extensive Woodworks

Wood is a material preferred by designers all over the world. With a comfortable and chic appeal, wood furnishings are the hallmark of Indian interior design. 

Add some ornate centrepieces and complement them with other more sidelined furniture. There’s a wide variety of distinctively Indian pieces to choose from such as wooden chests, footstools and the lowkey romantic jharokhas.

indian interior design

Make sure you look out for people well-versed with curved and crafty inlays and textures while choosing the interior design services for your furnishings. 

3. Jallis

Highly versatile, aesthetically remarkable and super affordable. These interior design additions will make your household look more Indian than ever! Today, Jallis are extremely functional elements in most of the Indian interior design services.  

indian interior design

The jaali pattern is now more than a fad. It has only survived and evolved over the centuries because it is an excellent combination of form and function. You can use jaalis in your home as partitions, doors, and wall panels. You can add jallis in your furniture and ceilings for elevating the Indian appeal of your house. 

4. Art decor in Indian Interior design 

For a country with such a vibrant culture and an equally rich heritage, Indian art forms have a charming appeal that mesmerises even the people who have no interest in art. From north to the south, east to the west, Indian art decor varies immensely. 

indian interior design

For example, the Madhubani style of painting is famous in Bihar, while Warli is another artform from Maharashtra. Traditional art decor is now increasingly becoming popular because of their extensive use in celebrity interiors

5. Jhoola and informal gathering spaces

Most of the homes in metropolitan cities lack a natural connect with the environment. However, the good old jhoola in the balcony can bring a similar set of opportunities. 

indian interior design

Using traditional Indian pieces like wooden swings in the informal spaces of the home is a wonderful idea. These spaces create a cosy ambience for the family to sit and have a great time together. 

Indian interior design never goes out of style. This evergreen design scheme will make you fall in love with your home!