Top 5 Interior Designers in Delhi

Do you find yourself swooning over every single decor magazine you come across? Do you want something similar to the celebrity interiors for your dream home? In this article, we’ve listed the top 5 interior designers in Delhi and NCR (in no particular order). They can turn your apartment from average to jaw-dropping by maximising space, picking the perfect distressed bench and creating the house of your dreams.

These interior designers in Delhi NCR are at the top of their games and have one of the most refined clientele in the country.


1. Yasu Crafts: Customisable Interior Design Services

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Yasu Crafts is a handicraft and furniture firm in Sultanpur, Delhi. The firm is run by a Japanese guy who settled in Delhi. The Yasu Crafts firm doesn’t just stock furniture for your home but also offers to build highly customisable pieces for your house from scratch.

With an interior design portfolio featuring extensive designs and furnishings, the firm is increasingly becoming one of the most popular interior designers in Delhi NCR and surrounding areas. From sofas and benches to coffee tables and dressers, they have furniture for all your needs. Additionally, having spent years carrying out home makeovers for clients across Delhi and Gurgaon, they have a solid ground in the market today.


2. The Little Big Co.: Casual and Classy

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Started in 2018 as a small startup, this interior design firm is run by two sisters. Within a couple of years, the firm has outgrown most of its competitors with quality service. The Little Big Co. has completed several projects across the city, including areas like Jangpura and Gurgaon. They have an impressive grasp over DIY furnishings and carving out new decor from the old stuff in the house.

The Little Big Co. is famous for a casual, fun style element in their works. Additionally, when it comes to selecting the furniture, they are well-versed with the Amar Colony and Shankar Market and have just the right ideas for your home.


3. Rubina Dhankar: Interior Design Portfolio that Never Goes Out of Style

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Rubina Dhankar is famous for a modern, chic appeal in her works. She is one of the finest interior designers in Delhi NCR who recently started handling construction projects as well. Having worked as the creative producer in Yash Raj’s works, her home makeovers hold a distinct cinematic imprint even today that never go out of style.

Recently, she started an e-store selling unique antiques, collectables, art decor, art trays and stuff like that in the Delhi region. With a highly transparent pricing scheme, she has the whole fee structure online for the clients. This transparent pricing policy is the reason why she can provide the finest interior design services in the city.


4. Balcony Makeovers: Glorious Outdoor Spaces

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Having a cluttered balcony not only takes up space but also affects the functioning of the whole house significantly. A balcony turned into a dump yard is a sad reality in many households. This is where Balcony Makeovers come in.

Especially for the households that lack a garden or backyard, balcony makeovers can create the perfect hangout spot within the four walls of your home with a reliable workforce. From lighting, accessories and plants to fixtures, grass carpeting, vertical gardens; they are one of the very few interior designers in Delhi that can help you optimise your outdoor space in the best way possible.


5. Project Co.: Bollywood’s Favourite interior designers in Delhi!

With an extensive experience of offering interior design services for the past two decades, Shabnam Singh has worked for Shveta Bachchan Nanda and Rajeev Mehrotra’s projects.

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She specialises in interiors, exteriors and landscape design and collaborates with many designers, architects and project managers. The quality that separates her from the crowd is her ability to manage the budget well. While her style is primarily focused on luxury with every element, she promises to work within your budget.

The future of interior design services looks promising. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right designers for your home or else your design might end up looking outdated and mundane!

These top five interior designers in Delhi are preferred by the most elite clients in the country. Their interior design portfolio boasts of a magnificent online presence. Look no further, hire them for a makeover and fall in love with your home!



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