LinkedIn marketing is one of the most critical parts of your social media plan. As an architect, you will be able to stay in touch with your past and present clients and generate leads. LinkedIn is one of the best ways for your firm to grow.

To establish your presence in such a crowded platform is not easy. Therefore, here are the Top 9 ways to master LinkedIn marketing and grow your firm:

1. Complete your profile

People don’t trust profiles without relevant details. Completing your profile is extremely important and is a crucial point to remember when creating a marketing plan for your firm. You need to upload a picture and the details of your company. If you want customers to get attracted to your company profile, it is essential for you first to complete the profile. 

A complete profile helps in building trust and authenticity of your words and helps your connections to recognise you. 

2. Connect multiple emails to your LinkedIn account

To find all your contacts, it is always good to use both the personal as well as the work email address in case you have two separate email addresses. 

You can optimise building connections with your contacts on LinkedIn by using multiple email ids. 

3. Invite your colleagues on LinkedIn

There are lots of architects on LinkedIn already. You can bring your whole team on LinkedIn and show the world what you all are capable of achieving. With your entire team on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to manage projects better and easily connect. 

4. Add specific headings to your profile

The LinkedIn platform has recently added specific options like projects and skills as ” categories” for the LinkedIn profile. You thus have the option of adding individual skills to your profile that will help your customers know about your key strengths. 

Uploading your projects under specific headings helps your potential clients know about the type of projects that you have undertaken. It can be an invaluable tool for architects in getting traffic to your website. You can identify the project, then link it to your company website. 

5. Link your professional blog in the LinkedIn profile.

If you have uploaded a professional blog in WordPress, then you get the option to share and publicise it with the various networking sites. There is a “settings” option in the Dashboard of WordPress. You will have to click on the “sharing” option from there. If you want, you can also connect the blog to your Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, and LinkedIn account. You will then have to join and set the necessary options there. So when you write content in Word Press under the “Publicise” option, you will get the opportunity to edit, and this gets updated in your profile automatically.

6. Join Groups

Joining established groups on LinkedIn will help you reach out to a broader set of audience. 

7. Follow established firms

Find out what is working for them. Following the footsteps of established architectural firms and designers will surely get you more leads!

8. Create a personalised LinkedIn URL and promote your business 

To do this, you will first have to go to the “Edit your public profile” option. You will then have to scroll down and click on the option that says, “customise your public profile URL”. You will then have to select a contact and send it to anyone you want. Linkedin marketing has opened doors to a world of possibilities.

9. Stay out of irrelevant advertising.

 If you are an architect, make sure you know your ethics well. To keep yourself out of inappropriate advertising, you will first have to click on the top right-hand corner on your name that is just next to the ‘add connections”. You will then have to click on the “settings” options. After this you will have to click on the tab, “Account” and under the “privacy controls” option you will have to click on the “Manage Social Advertising” option. Here you can manage relevant ads that appear on your profile. 

Top 9 LinkedIn tricks

The best part is, to grow your business on LinkedIn, you need not spend a lot of time, money or energyThese tips will help you immensely to generate leads through LinkedIn. The use of LinkedIn advertisements can further optimise your networking and help you gain recognition.