Wallpapers and murals are upcoming interior design trends as we complete the year 2020. The ease of access, the budget-friendly appeal and the convenient removability of this décor option is enough for it to trend all over the modern design community. This post presents five beautiful wallpaper design ideas that make a strong case for wallpapers in interior design and decorating!

1. Banana Leaves for Tropical Interior Design

wallpaper design ideas

Joanne Gray from the New Zealand design studio Back to the Wall makes a strong case of bold and artistic wallpapers. The wallpaper interior design ideas with stunning banana leaves in the background create a dramatic focal point in the visual field.

Adding to the glorious effect of the living room, she used the leather and velvet furniture with a touch of breezy Bahamas through crisp linens. Joanne advises on pulling your favourite colours out of the wallpaper design and express your love with cushions and throw pillows.

The black and white lattice on the cushions ties everything in the interior design together!

2. Rainbow world map for the Home Office Design

wallpaper design ideas

The rainbow world map wallpaper design infuses a lively aura in the home office!

The edges are softly merging with the white background and create an illusion of depth. Wallpaper interior design ideas for home office are almost always comprised of an aesthetic world map.  The white walls and floors create an elegant blank canvas for the wallpaper.

The classic wooden desk with rounded mid-century white lamp completes the home office design with minimalistic style.

3. Polka Dots for Kids Room

wallpaper design ideas

zuzulicea / Getty Images

Wallpaper interior design ideas with polka dots have a time tested appeal for kids room. Spaces that require life and joy work well with these candy coloured polka dots. Whether in the furnishing, upholstery or the wallpaper, polka dots in a kids bedroom or study room can create a beautiful happy space for your younglings!

The plenty of white space in between the dots helps in keeping the upbeat ambience without letting it overwhelm the aesthetics.

In this design, the dot theme is accentuated with a round rug, a garland pom-pom light and a fabric teepee in subtle colours. Additionally, the shape of the bed frame and teepee balances the roundedness in the design with clean and straight lines.

4. Combine vivid wallpapers with colourful couches!

wallpaper design ideas

The beautiful wallpaper design from this living room gives an appearance of the watercolour wildflowers growing out of the living room floor. Adding a cheerful yellow sofa and a bunch of casual throw pillows was the only thing that could enhance the design.

The neutral-toned living space above showcases the potential of wallpaper design ideas in modern living rooms.

5. Geometric Wallpaper design ideas for breakfast nooks

wallpaper design ideas

Regardless of whether you are a night owl or an early bird, this wallpaper design is sure to wake you up in time for that appointment!

The geometry in this vivid accent wallpaper brings out positive energy into the breakfast nook with the sunny window right next to it. Adding to that, the Muuto E27 pendant lamp with bright yellow shades brings out the wallpapers similar hue out into the open. The crisp white walls and furnishing provide a subtle backdrop while the round table and softly curved Scandinavian chairs echo the wallpaper’s appeal.