The three R’s – Relationships, Reputation, and Referrals are at the heart of the marketing for architects. Traditionally, businesses used to grow through personal relationships and complicated advertising strategies, and this was quite a time-consuming process. Like all other sectors of life in the 21st century, the marketing industry has seen a rapid shift. Online marketing for architects is blooming today through the use of social media. Platforms like LinkedIn have changed the game. Not only does it provide a global audience at one place, but it also facilitates learning by keeping your skill fresh and ready!  

LinkedIn has more than 660 million users. Linkedin marketing has become quite popular these days. It is an excellent platform that will help in making virtual connections. These connections might turn into business opportunities and real relations in the days to come. It provides you with the opportunity for your professional contacts, and you get to meet your potential clients as well. 

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Why should LinkedIn be a part of an architect’s marketing plan? Because in an age of intense competition there can be no compromises on your professional endeavours. 

Here are some ways in which LinkedIn stands out from the rest of the platforms and can be used as an essential tool for all your marketing needs:


Update your Business Presence

If you want to communicate about your expertise and authority, then updating your business profile on LinkedIn will undoubtedly be an excellent idea. Here, you should also clearly mention the type of clients and the projects you are capable of handling. Adding some extra details to your business profile is not too difficult. LinkedIn can help you immensely in getting recognised by your peers, colleagues and potential clients. 

Build Relationships and Grow Big

You can start simply by connecting with the people close to you- your past and present clients, suppliers, your team, your partners, and other industry influencers. 

After this, you will have to try and reach out to all those people whom you think can be your potential clients, new hires, referrers, and project partners. The LinkedIn algorithm makes it easy for you to connect with a relevant audience by providing suggestions. Sending out connection requests will enable you to build a strong network. 

You will come across lots of well-established architects and designers on LinkedIn. Connecting with them and learning their strategies can do wonders to your expertise and skill. 

Engage actively with the content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent place where you will get the opportunity to share your experience, insights, and expertise. If you already have blogs and articles on your website, it is all the better. This is because you already have content and all that you need to do is to share that content. 

It is always good to post content that answers specific questions, provides useful insight, and also helps your connections get a better understanding of who you are and the values that you bring to your work.

Make sure that sharing content and links be your topmost priority. The links will help you to take people to your website. You can create high engagement posts by asking questions and inviting comments and answers.

As your presence grows, people will start asking questions about your firm and what services you provide. At this point, you need to make sure you answer every query and don’t keep people waiting for your responses. 

Additionally, investing in LinkedIn advertisements will help you to target your relevant audience and generate leads through LinkedIn.

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Today, there is little doubt when it comes to the importance of a platform like LinkedIn in social media marketing. Architects and designers need to incorporate LinkedIn in their marketing strategy if they want to gain significance and authority in a fast-paced world.