It is no brainer that the current design scenario encourages ample use of the rustic interior design style. The rustic design is finding applications in a plethora of projects. From modern and minimalistic places to the most traditional homes, the distinct appeal of raw wood makes it one of the most popular interior design trends in 2020.

The evocative textures and styles present not only a sober, calm aesthetic but also present immense functionality to the design scheme. Keeping this in mind, we urge you to reassess your design needs. There can never be a one size fits all design, therefore, keep an eye on what works for your design style and get creative.

Here are 4 essential reasons why you should try the rustic interior design style for your home!

1. The rustic design lifestyle

Rustic interior design style

A beautiful connection with nature is something every human soul craves. This human necessity is exploited by those overpriced vacation homes people splurge on at the end of the year. But does it have to cost this much?

The rustic design encourages making the most out of spaces with natural elements. You don’t need to be a millionaire for having a super-comfy set of rattan and wicker furniture for your balcony, right?

Looking back, the origins of rustic design style date back to the times of gastronomy. The concept of consuming unprocessed natural food without harming the environment only recently became a fad, and now entered the world of interior design.

Having a rustic interior design style in your home is an excellent option to create compelling aesthetics with noble intentions!

2. The elegant simplicity you won’t find anywhere else

Rustic interior design style

Even the most strictly modernist designers agree with this one.

The rustic interior design style communicates with the existing space and requires precise harmony. Take care to not saturate things by incorporating loads of raw wood.

Experiment with one or two main pieces of furniture. For example, try out the rustic wooden stools made of logs or an elegant shelf using beams.

Bonus tip: Add a few indoor plants to exploit the most out of your space without spending too much. The serene biophilia in your rustic interior design style is the perfect recipe for warm and heavenly interiors!

3. The sweet mix of rustic interior design style with natural textiles

You will never go back to synthetic fibres once you get hold of some good quality cotton and natural wool for your interiors. Our celebration of nature has brought us to this goldmine of ideas using which we can multiply the aesthetics and warmth in our homes.

Rustic interior design style

But don’t fall into the trap of think closed-mindedly. The options are endless for people looking for rustic interior design ideas:

  1. Cotton: biodegradable, sustainable and renewable. A budget-friendly option for a cosy quick fix.
  2. Linen: a natural biodegradable fibre that doesn’t require any pesticides.
  3. Natural wool: From real animal hair. Doesn’t require any chemical treatment and is very economical as well.
  4. Hemp: Extremely resistant fibre that doesn’t lose its shine as it ages.

4. The rustic interior design style celebrates imperfections

Rustic interior design style

The natural beauty of defects and inconsistency in the wooden texture, patterns and styles is celebrated by the rustic design professionals. Creating functionality out of nothing and building upon the natural “flaws” of rustic interior design style is what makes it popular.

The wooden rustic design furniture is only superficially sanded to get rid of fragments, and the piece is good to go! The prime objective is to not just be okay but boast about the elegance of cracks, crevices and grains of rustic designs.

We conclude by reminding yourself that nothing is written in stone when it comes to such a dynamic field as of design and architecture. However, in case you are craving some natural connection in your modern interiors, maybe start small with a framed rustic mirror?

Happy designing!

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