From lush traditional penthouses to the most basic apartments, home offices have become an essential addition in the post-pandemic world. The work from a home culture has arguably taken over the modern lifestyle. This post presents six glorious ideas for home office design that are sure to help you create a productive environment!

Keeping in mind the worldwide infatuation with this functional component, we had to dedicate a separate post in our “Interior design trends that broke the internet!” series.

1. Multifunctional spaces in home office design

Ideas for home office design

Designer: Nordico

Multifunctional spaces are gaining popularity in recent years. Designers are creating functionality out of thin air by using screens, curtains and other such items.

In this beautiful home office design, the low partition wall distinguishes the workplace and other areas of the home. It is a no brainer that a secluded working environment brings productivity to the peak!

Look out for something as glorious as this modern swivel chair from About A Chair.

2. Go wooden for a professional ambience

Ideas for home office design

Designer: CCS Architecture

Worried your backdrop isn’t well suited for the professional video calls with your colleagues and clients?

This project from CCS Architecture is full of ideas for home office design that will instantly take care of your worries. With two secluded desks in wood, the professional appeal of this home office design is unmatchable!

Most wood-themed home offices have a lush professional appeal that makes them stand out in the first impression itself!

3. Keep an eye on the balance

Ideas for home office design

Designer: Tom Robbrecht

Seclusion is a good idea for an atmosphere that decides your productivity. The question is, how much?

Keeping an eye out for balance in your home office design ideas is one of the most critical things. Making sure that the flow into and out of the room is not made unnecessarily restricted is essential.

Ideas for home office design in this elegant workplace allow a generous space to facilitate the flow. The tall partition wall separates the room as well as features walkways on both sides to enhance functionality.

The computer chair is the Eames Group Management Chair and glides elegantly between the shelving and the desk.

4. Ideas for home office design with inbuilt storage

Ideas for home office design

Designer: LUI design+associates

It comes off as no surprise that the customised inbuilt desks and other storage elements can instantly curb your clutter woes!

Fitted furniture with made-to-measure desk and units creates a stylish monochrome aesthetic that is continued by the matching cupboards and bookshelves!

5. Ideas for home office design with flashy colours

Ideas for home office design

Visualizer: Michael Nowak

In 2020, the design is never the same. Going against the conventional neutral tones in home office design is one of the most repeated advice today.

Regardless of profession, people seek personality in their workplace. Things start to turn offputting once your working environment doesn’t appeal to your nature!

There are numerous benefits of instilling colour in your home office design. Working in a colourful environment helps you stay motivated, even working for the longest hours of your day.

6. Create a focal point with your ideas for home office design

Ideas for home office design

Visualizer: Dmitriy Schuka

As seen in this beautiful design, the vibrant turquoise desk stands out from the majorly neutral backdrop.

This can be the first step to killing off distractions!

These ideas for home office design can help you immensely if you’ve been looking for renovations lately. Fold your sleeves up, get to work and grab that employee of the month!

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