The bedroom is one of the most private spaces in the household. Therefore, there was a time when accessories and decor was not a part of these spaces. However, in the current design scenario, professionals are more liberal to experiment with the efficiency of different bedroom interior design ideas. 

A lot has changed because of the social media coming into the picture. Some of the most successful designs that trend all across the globe are not a luxury exclusively for the elite in society. Social media has, in a way, changed how we approach design by making it accessible to designers all over. 

Therefore, to be relevant in the dynamic profession of interior design, people pursuing a design project, have to be aware of the exciting interior design styles in front of them: 

1. Eclectic Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

bedroom interior design ideas

Photo by: Lisa Romerein

Contrary to the popular misconception, the eclectic design style isn’t just a haphazard conglomeration of periods and design styles. 

Instead, the strategic planning behind this energetic design scheme is what makes it a favourite. 

Bringing together the right assortment of colours, textures, and patterns is the highlight of eclectic styles. The use of neutral colours unifies diverse elements by providing a subtle, calm backdrop. 

As in this project, the black walls start with a dramatic element, while the light wood furnishings create warmth. The use of shades like Teal is for colour and to complement the classic and contemporary patterns in the design scheme. 

2. Scandinavian Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

bedroom interior design ideas

Photo by: Vivian Joseph

With charming yet simple aesthetics from Nordic countries, Scandinavian design is neutral and streamlined. 

To counter the cold presence of minimalist interiors, the Scandinavian design styles incorporate textures including raw wood, natural textile and stone. These elements add dimensions in the monotonous facade of the other interior design styles. 

The only elements you need to avoid in these settings can be the floral patterns and lacy bedding; instead, stick to plain white linens and layered neutral patterns.

3. Coastal-themed Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

bedroom interior design ideas

Photo by: Alexandra Rowley

The breezy ambience of coastal style permeates into the bedroom walls with sun-bathing shades, natural textures, windy spaces and elegant blue-and-white colour palettes. 

The Plantation shutters allow enough natural light into this coastal bedroom. Additionally, the extensive woven textures and layers of colour inspired by the sea and sand create a comfy resting place.

4.Traditional Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

bedroom interior design ideas

Photo by: Stacey Brandford

The ornate decor, antiques, rich colours, textures and regal furniture are the highlights of traditional interior design. 

For example, this suite features a four-poster bed with elegant, intricate carvings and a colourful Persian rug. 

In most of the traditional design schemes, everything has a conventional feel, to carry the scent of nostalgia. This master suite illustrates with elements like the wainscoting, sleek tufted bench and antique chandelier create a timeless ambience bringing comfort and luxury into one space. 

5. Bohemian Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 

bedroom interior design ideas

Photo by: David Tsay

The carefree spirit of boho style liberates you of sticking to a certain protocol. The unconventional spirit of weaving bold colours and global textiles together is the driving force behind the bohemian success! 

Frankly put, this is a style where almost anything goes. For example, this navy blue-tinted bedroom brings together layers of rugs, patterns and linens side-by-side with unique unfinished furniture. Additionally, the use of eclectic elements, like textile wall hangings and beaded chandeliers are a common sight in Boho spaces.

Crafting a convenient bedroom that matches the taste of the inhabitants is a skill that comes with time and effort. However, once you put in the effort, you will realise the virtues of efficient design are infinite!