This house needs no introduction. The king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan’s house Mannat is one of the most famous buildings in the country, if not the world. Gauri Khan, the actor’s wife, is an interior designer, and this shows in the exquisite taste in the celebrity interiors of the place.

The house is famous for its gorgeous aesthetics that, resemble an Indian palace. With extensive shades of gold and beautiful luxurious woodwork, the house symbolises the effort put in by the couple to be where they are today. Interiors of celebrity homes are full of ideas for contemporary designers and architects. Here we take a tour through the glorious ambience of Mannat:

1. Exterior of a Palace

One look at the facade of the building and you can not stop thinking of a traditional palace. Right from the start, the design scheme remains consistent throughout the spaces.

The use of large windows provides a great view of the outside area, while the curtains take care of privacy. The use of wood in the window frames gives a contrast to the predominantly light shaded exterior.


2. A Golden Drawing Room

The drawing room is an essential element of celebrity interiors. This space should provide a convenient space for friends, family and guests to hang out. Additionally, the interior design of celebrity homes get featured a lot in magazines and journals; therefore, handling this space well is essential.

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The drawing room of Mannat doesn’t fit in any scheme of the mainstream interiors of celebrity homes. This space seems to be carved out of a golden structure with everything carrying a hint of luxury and lavishness. The furnishings only add to the celebrity interiors, and overall, the room appears to be straight out of a royal fantasy.

The windows provide a decent natural connection with the outside environment. The curtains match the colour palette. Additionally, the walls with extensive texture and design further exaggerate the luxurious appeal.

celebrity interiors

Indoor plants strategically put in specific spaces, add a much needed natural element to the room that breaks the monotony of gold and brown in the interiors.


3. An Artsy Living Room

Most of the living rooms in celebrity interiors are focused on making the most out of the space without making it look disorganised and cluttered. A clutter-free minimalistic living room is the highlight of most of the interiors of celebrity homes.

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However, just like Twinkle Khanna, Gauri Khan is famous for her taste in home decor. The living room of mannat is an excellent depiction of heaven for art lovers.

Extensive use of woodwork shows the potential of a material like wood in bringing luxury and modernity in the interiors.


4. Book Palace

When we think that all mannat has to offer is luxury and comfort, we find ourselves in the book palace. This space is a glimpse into a paradise for bibliophiles. Space entirely dedicated to a cosy library is something that lacks even in the most modern interior designs of celebrity homes.

With a convenient room to sit and dive into the ocean of literature, the book palace is primarily based on the family’s love for art and literature.

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5. Exquisite Taste in Art Decor

The art decor installed in different areas of the house is everything that reflects an art appreciation.

Contrary to what people may perceive, art decor is not limited to murals. The home decor of mannat, as in a lot of other interior designs of celebrity homes, consists of chandeliers, cabinets, lighting and other things that add value to space.

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Functionally convenient interior design is very much in demand today, as with all the aesthetics, a good design scheme provides convenience and comfort.

So this was a quick tour into the gorgeous celebrity interiors of Shah Rukh Khan’s villa, Mannat. Today, the interior design of celebrity homes is a gold standard for the practice of architecture and design for budding professionals.