Gone are the days of 2009 when brass, barn-wood panelling, and exposed-filament Edison bulbs were in high demand. Most of the designer products went exclusively to the trade, pricing was often a closely guarded secret, and Instagram and Pinterest weren’t in the picture. 

Technology played a critical role in turning affordable interior design services into reality and inspired manufacturers and retailers to sell directly to consumers. These changes thrilled many homeowners but became a cause of concern for the people pursuing interior design as a career.

To gauge where the design industry is going towards, we take sight of the future of interior design jobs, social media, retail, and antiques. The trends and innovations that are transforming design are already coming into the picture:


1. Digitalisation Will Change How We See Design 

Once mainly reserved for the wealthy, interior design services are gradually becoming affordable to people from all walks of life, thanks to online outfits like Houzz, Homepolish and Modsy. This trend of taking design online is only going to bloom in a world obsessed with the internet. 

With improved visualization software and communication tools, designing rooms in the virtual realm, possibly complemented by the use of Augmented Reality will also become increasingly attractive. Shanna Tellerman, the chief executive of Modsy, speaks to the architectural digest of blurring the boundaries between online and offline. 

“We will not distinguish as strongly as we do today between what we consider the offline physical world, and online. For designers, that opens up the idea that they can have clients anywhere.”

Interior design jobs are going to increase significantly with the world quickly catching up with the online revolution. Tellerman expects an enhanced 3D visualization that is going to be at the heart of every interior design. 

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2. A Unique Touch of Craftsmanship Will be Valuable 

With enormous data analysis and collection, there comes a need to stand apart from the crowds for people having interior design as a career. As interior design services become increasingly accessible to a broader audience, the wealthiest clients will increasingly lookout for unique interiors from the pros.

Originality will increasingly become valuable to set a creamy layer of elite designers apart from a crowd of mediocre professionals. 

As the New York designer David Kleinberg talks to the Architectural Digest,

“There will always be a market for people who want something that isn’t seen everywhere, and that isn’t available to everyone. People in the high-end, bespoke marketplace will look further for novel things, one-of-a-kind things, and commissioned pieces. In the last number of years, we’ve seen an expansion of creative people working at a small scale, doing really beautiful one-off work. That kind of craftsmanship will become even more prized.”

3. Social Media Will Help Designers Grow 

Over the recent past, social media has changed from online curiosity to big business. For designers, it comes with a world of opportunities to showcase successful projects, highlight new product launches, and ultimately meet new clients. 

With designers flocking to the social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, interior design as a career is going to become more central to the mainstream obsession with style and aesthetics. 

As Laura Bindloss, from Nylon Consulting talks to the architectural digest, she predicts that social media will soon include full virtual walkthroughs of design decor and projects. With technologies like augmented reality already in the picture, this notion doesn’t seem very off the truth. 

4. Online Retail Will Get A Makeover

Up until the very recent past, people scoffed at the notion of buying furniture and decor online without allowing clients to try pieces out in the person; today, it’s a reality. 

Online retail has sprung into existence very recently and quickly piqued the interest of clients and customers with improved accessibility and convenience. 

With interior decor retail businesses like Chairish and Decaso and Dering Hall, the online companies are driving a lot of clients home. Chairish is among the very firsts to offer the augmented reality feature with its mobile app, which allows customers to see selected pieces fit in their homes. Additionally, the future of delivery systems looks exciting with drones and bots in the industry 4.0 picture! 

With online retail getting a total makeover, interior design jobs are going to see a rise in interest from the general public. Good design never goes off style!  


With the world changing its ways so rapidly because of the internet and technology, interior design is going to flourish in the new economy! Interior design services are going to be of great value with so many people becoming aware of the gifts of good design. Quite possibly, the current 5% annual increment in interior design jobs is going to rise significantly as the world gets in touch with the marvels of technology!