Pictures: © Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Located in the suburban Chandigarh, Office 1243 is a terrace office space over an existing building. Surrounded by an industrial neighbourhood, the objective of the project was to create an extension of the nearby macro-environment. The goal was to create a working space that instils life in the surrounding mundane landscape.

The overall design of the office gives an impression of spaces flowing out from a bounded box. The building appears to be an amalgamation of distinct volumes and voids. The open voids and closed spaces intertwine with each other, offering a unique skewed appeal to the eyes.

Being a working space, the office is designed, keeping in mind friendly communication and networking while not losing sight of privacy. The terrace office gives off an impression of a congregational space for friends and family.

Office Architecture

The material palette is kept subtle and in sync with the extroverted environment. The granite, gravel and woodwork add to the space, a feeling of belonging and continuity with the building’s main design. The terrace office, therefore, does not appear to be an oddity.

The design boasts of two main volumes, lying along the two axes of vision. Interwoven volumes facing different views construct the space. The view from inside is constructed in a manner to be in sync with the axial configuration. Exclusivity and privacy are well taken care of in this design scheme. Varying heights of the volume only accentuates the appeal of the design. The structure of the space, hints of a spatial lattice flowing freely from wall to ceiling, and eventually ending up in an amalgamation of surfaces.

The Aluminium-clad panelling on the roof with a directional pattern and a sloping roof-scape form an integral part of the exteriors. The panelling sitting elegantly over a network of steel frames presents an artistic shade in natural light. The use of light materials and white and greyish tones balances the firm structure of the design. The ample use of windows all around adds to the functionality of the space providing natural light throughout the day. The patterns thus created, makes the light function as a natural material of the space providing a texture of serenity.

Office Architecture