With a vibrant cultural, religious and traditional diversity, India is a sweet mix of art and aesthetics!

Today, Traditional interior design is gaining massive popularity because of the increased public interest in Indian decor. One can find elements of art and culture incorporated in the Indian interior design scheme as well as in foreign settings. 

Tradition is an integral part of our communal fabric, and it gives us a sense of identity. Moreover, when when we take a look at the beauty diversity comes with, we can not help but wonder the implications of such brilliance of ideas in the places we live. 

In this article, we bring five glorious traditional interior design ideas for the house of your dream:

1. Rajasthani Jharokha that makes you fall in love 

The alluring tunes of the Sarangi, the perfect taste and texture of Daal Batti, and the colourful apparel that never goes out of style; Rajasthani tradition carries a hint of paradise within itself. So much richness in the culture is only going to show up in the traditional interior design from the region. 

traditional interior design

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The royal Rajasthani jharokha is famous for an aesthetically pleasing addition in the Indian interior design scheme. When infused with other traditional interior design elements like a handcrafted wooden jalli, the decor creates a compelling fusion of good taste and leaves your guests swooning all over! 

2. Kashmiri carpets 

The legendary Sufi poet Amir Khusrau wrote about Kashmir, 

“ If there is a paradise on earth,It is this, it is this and it is this.”   

traditional interior design

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The Kashmiri carpets and decor might teleport you straight to the edges of Dal lake, rowing slowly in the still waters in your very own boat. Contrary to the popular beliefs, cashmere carpets and other accessories as a traditional interior design element is far from outdated. It is something inherent to most of the modern design schemes. Kashmiri decor is one of the most valuable pieces of the fabric of Indian interior design that is exported all over the world! 

3. Kolkata bedroom decor straight out of Satyajit Ray stories! 

   Extensive use of dark woodwork with a soothing colour palette of earthy tones is a particular element common in the Bengal region. The traditional interior design from the Kolkata carries a world of art and literature inside of it. Most of the homes in Kolkata have beautiful book racks that are now a must-have in most of the beautiful Indian interior design palettes.

traditional interior design

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So in case, your client has a taste in art and literature, you can think about turning a mundane bedroom into a haven for Indian interior design lovers! 

4. Madhubani Paintings: Highlight of Traditional Interior design 

Madhubani paintings from Bihar are essential elements ubiquitously found in the traditional interior design in the region. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining halls make the perfect niche for installing your favourite piece of Madhubani inspired murals. 

traditional interior design

Madhubani Wall Painting by Shivan Paswan

Indian interior design is famous for the spiritual appeal it adds in the interiors, and it comes best with these spirituality-themed art decors. 

5. A delightful cocktail of mixed cultures: Goan Homes

Goa is one of the most famous cities worldwide. With so much influence from Portuguese and french cultures, traditional interior design from Goan homes have a modern European scent in them.

traditional interior design

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The upbeat design style element of homes in Goa is because of a colour palette of bright colours, complemented by old-school kitchen shutters. Azulejos tiles in the Goan kitchen have a significant contribution to the design scheme. 

A country carrying a legacy of good taste in art, culture and literature, India is now a country of global significance. Interior designers and architects worldwide often find themselves indulging in the aesthetically compelling elements of Indian interior design.