Whether it is for your living room as an important piece of furniture or a side accessory to rest that coffee mug on; tables make a lot of things easier for us. Your dream home must have the appropriate center table designs to improve the aesthetics and convenience of your interiors significantly. Therefore, while crafting the interiors of your dream home, it is essential to take the liberty of experimenting.

A unique, creative table becomes the star of the interior decor and can compel your guests into asking “Where did you get this!”. Aside from stealing the limelight with stunning aesthetics, centre tables can provide immense scope for functionality for people looking for minimalist interiors. Here are six table designs that go beyond the everyday modern and contemporary styles of interior decor!

1. The picNYC Table

The HAIKO CORNELLISSEN architecture from New York shows their love for urban farming in this creative dining table design idea!

center table designs

With the folded lightweight aluminium tabletop and a sturdy frame for the grass, soil and stones, the picNYC Table presents a sweet connection with nature right in front of you! The picNYC Table transforms the idea of dining. You don’t need to worry about the water spilling from the glass anymore!

This Table presents a concept of transposing natural experiences to the monotony of apartment life, with endless customizations including flowers, herbs or fruits and vegetables. In the end, the PicNYC Table exemplifies a knack for efficient design and transforms dining into a feast with a perfect balance of nature and city.

2. Liquid Glacial Table from Zaha Hadid

center table designs

Designed by Zaha Hadid, this Table creates a stunning fluid dynamic that interacts with the refraction and surface lines.

The Table appears to be composed of flowing fluid that is stuck in time with the legs seemingly pouring from the horizontal tabletop in intense vortices!

The horizontal top gives the impression of steady water with ripples and waves underneath. This Table can leave people swooning over your taste and come off as a creative piece of furniture!

3. For The Child In You: Swingset Dining Table Design

center table designs

This Table from the brains at PSFK brings joy in the dining. The chairs are substituted by elegant swings hanging from the frame at the top, making this a perfect furniture for “hanging out” with friends and family for a lovely cup of coffee.

4. Sand Under Your Work Desk

center table designs

Yes. It IS as comfy as it sounds!

This innovative design from Justin Kemp brings the beach to your home office. The therapeutic sand under your feet keeps you in the pink all day long, and multiplies your efficiency!

5. Photo Album That is a Coffee Table

center table designs

Another innovative table design on our list is this coffee table from Mitch Steinmetz.

The Huge album can turn into an elegant coffee table or a convenient footrest at your will and can be a fantastic addition for your interiors!

6. Fusion Table

center table designs

This elegant piece of furniture from Fusion Tables is another innovative display of creativity and design. The tabletop looks just like other center table designs until you swish it open!

The tabletop can slide and expose the pool table underneath when you want to test your skills at the game! These fusion table designs can be a perfect place to bond over a friendly match.

In the end, your furniture plays a crucial role in determining the feel of your interiors. In the present design scenario, the possibilities are only increasing. The future of design seems to be in good hands with such innovative people being the driving force for the industry, making affordable and useful designs a possibility for the general public!