The concept of minimalism is almost a fad now. With many references in modern interior design styles, art decor and architecture, minimalist interior design is a concept often confused with modern interior design. Although both of these styles feature modern elements, the minimalist interior design goes a step further and involves stripping things down to the essential forms.

Creating a simple, highly functional and convenient space with the least amounts of accessories and addition is the highlight of this style.
Typically, the design features simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette with hints of bold colour as an accent. As in the industrial interior design, this also focuses on the open floor plan, adequate lighting, and functional furniture. Additionally, it puts into focus the shape, colour and texture of only a handful of essential elements.

Here are five things to know to incorporate the minimalist interior design style conveniently:

1. Stick to Bare Essentials

minimalist interior design

Instead of worrying about the lack of decor and bringing aesthetically pleasing spaces out of nothing, the designer focuses on using beautiful lighting, forms and materials in the open-plan layout.

People who critique the minimalist interior design style are oblivious of the plethora of options available for putting this style into action. They are not familiar with the sense of freedom and relaxation the minimalist interior design provides.

Few details are uncomplicated and need to blend harmoniously into the setting. A single artwork on a living room wall or a beautiful vase on top of the dining area table can do the work.

2. Focus On Clean Lines

minimalist interior design

Most of the furnishing and the little accessories in the minimalist interior design style bring out functionality and convenience.

The presence of flat, smooth surfaces and sharp, clean lines create a bold statement that emphasises the essential scheme of the design. Contrary to traditional or rustic interior design, you won’t find any curved furnishings and ornate accessories. Instead, the purity and simplicity of the shape and form are the things that grab attention.

When it comes to the accessories, clear and clean tops and surfaces, walls with minimal artwork and the absence of clutter, papers and collections are essential to creating a minimalist space.

3. Use the Monochromatic Colour Palette

minimalist interior design

Monochromatic colour palettes with shades like whites, beiges and greys are predominant in minimalist interior design.

The design looks to reduce unnecessary forms and colours to their most essential states, to create convenient, bright, and well-ventilated spaces. Aquas and nude tones often complement the colour palette with light and soft natural hues such as cold and warm greys.

4. Add warmth by using Different Colours and Textures

There is a stereotype prevalent unfortunately in the most elite of the society that people with a minimalist taste prefer “robotic”, office-like interiors. Possibly because of the rigid use of the term “minimalism”, this misconception only grows.

minimalist interior design

An excellent way to bring warmth to minimalist space is by bringing in different shades and textures. Even when we focus on the essential elements, we don’t lose sight of the aesthetics.

For example, using linen wallpaper and soft wool fabrics and rugs in the bedroom adds a comforting warmth. In the bathroom, the textures and grains of tile patterns can add visual appeal while still being in sync with a neutral colour palette. Additionally, wood accessories can soften the mundane stark white or concrete elements in the living room area.

5. Don’t forget the Textiles!

minimalist interior design

Textiles add much-needed texture in the clean design scheme and provide additional depth, dimension and warmth to space. Using the fabric of your choice, be it cotton, linen or even wool, in drapery, bedding, cushions, and area rugs are just a few examples of how much warmth and comfort the minimalist interior design can offer.