Natural fibre rugs and furnishing are making splendid appearances in spaces like the living room in the current design scenario. The immense versatility of living room rugs has set into motion this beautiful trend into action that isn’t going away anytime soon. This post features eight modern living room rug ideas that can instantly ramp up the appeal of your home’s interiors!

Whether you are all for neutral tones and hues or you prefer personality in your design; the options are endless. The variety of living room rug ideas are more than enough to satiate your curiosities.

If you’re done with your colour palette and furnishing, it is time to add rugs to bind all the elements in the scheme. Needless to say, it can be daunting to choose the right carpet for your living room interior design. Therefore, designers look for cues to select just the right accessory from a plethora of living room rugs available in the market.

1. Meander patterned beige living room rugs for neutral tones

living room rug ideas

Marili forastieri

As seen in the design from Rodney Lawrence, the light beige living room rug with a meander motif adds interest. It works excellently with the neutral palette of this beach house in Quogue, New York.

2. Vibrant living room rug ideas for modern homes

living room rug ideas

Eric Piasecki

You can go for the traditional living room rugs to create an interesting visual dynamic in the centre of your space. The eclectic, traditional rug in this Manhattan living room design pulls the red, blue and yellow colours together and brings them to the focal point.

3. Go for geometric patterns

living room rug ideas

Gianni Franchellucci

The abstract geometric patterns in this rug complement the curved surfaces in lighting and furnishing. Even with understated colours, the interesting patterns in this London apartment create intrigue and interest without overwhelming the visual field.

4. Sheepskin for living room rug ideas

living room rug ideas

Simon Upton

This Upper East Side living room from Patricia Greene Isen’s home features the use of sheepskin rug from Tita Flying Carpet.

The added texture and 3D appeal of this living room rug present warmth and cosiness in the stark white colour palette.

5. Decorate the living room design with waves

living room rug ideas

Joe Schmelzer

This glorious Malibu getaway from Oliver M. Furth is the epitome of design and decoration. The unique wave patterns in the living room rug adorn the space with an attractive appeal that can leave the guests swooning!

6. Living room rug ideas: Add drama

living room rug ideas

Reid Rolls
Styling: Chelsea Fierst

Notice how elegant the Kelly Wearstler rug with a snake motif looks in this modern neutral living room from the Hamptons. Designed by Brigette Romanek, the living room comes off as a glorious space with just the right amount of drama.

7. Living room rug ideas: Sisal fibre rugs

living room rug ideas

William Abranowicz

This Japanese style retreat in Hunter, New York from Vivia Horn is a goldmine of living room ideas. From the cocktail table to leather and plastic Italian sofa and finally to the wool shag rug; each element relates to the design scheme and is from Bloomingdales.

The Japanese style inspired fire pit and tin range hood are customized for this design. Additionally, the floor lamp is from the ‘70s. The elegant sisal carpet from the Stark has to be one of our favourites!

8. Living room rug ideas: Unifying different spaces

living room rug ideas

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

From the downtown apartment of Wilhelmina Models CEO Bill Wackermann, the unifying pattern binds multiple areas into a shared space. The vast living room contains a sofa, dining table, coffee table and a cosy reading nook.

The black, grey and white patterned rug create an elegant connection between different areas in the living room.

Featured Image: Marco Ricca