The colour palette for a designer is of the utmost importance. Colours, wherever they may be used, decide the overall feel of the space. Therefore, before making the final call designers make sure they’re using a colour palette that is in sync with the client’s demands. This post presents seven room colour ideas for people looking for a colour palette inspiration!

In 2020, people are looking forward to experimenting with more vivid colours for their spaces. Designers are becoming more liberal towards their approach to colours. Therefore, the expressive colour palette of today opens doors to a plethora of easy-to-follow room colour ideas.

1. Balanced grey room colour ideas

room colour ideas

Elizabeth Cooper

Gone are the days when shades like grey were kept away from lively spaces like living rooms.

With a design from Elizabeth Cooper, this living room presents a perfect balance of warm and cool. The texture from the sofa adds to the appeal of the design, while the printed cushions add personality and character to the design scheme.

2. Paired bright room colour ideas

room colour ideas

David A. Land

This elegant combination of fire engine red and violet from the portfolio of Katie Brown stands out from the crowd.

The bohemian throw pillows serve to go along with everything the design scheme. Starting with a pair of eclectic bohemian pillows, you can proceed with two bright colours to differentiate the ceiling and the walls.

3. Pistachio from Fiona Lynch Studio

room colour ideas

Fiona Lynch

This modern living room design from Fiona Lynch Studio is a sight to behold!

Using bold colours with restraint is critical in the present design scenario. The limewash on the walls adds a perfect touch of lightness and texture in the space.

4. Accent walls with bright red

room colour ideas

Bjorn Wallander

Power-packed with eclectic patterns and a strong red accent wall, this living room design from Krsnaa Mehta showcases the full potential of colourful rooms.

The bright red accent wall creates a bold statement over a backdrop of neutral tones.

5. Are you afraid of the dark? Black walls

room colour ideas

Maura Mcevoy

To this day, people feel intimidated of using black shades, especially for small spaces like apartments. Contrary to popular belief, dark shades create the illusion of depth when used with windows.

This design from designer Kristin Kong’s home in Atlanta has an elegant dark appeal that is hard to miss! The dark shades in the space blend everything together, and the beautiful floral arrangement on the coffee table accentuates the appeal of the design.

6. Lush Raspberry

room colour ideas

Farr & Ball

The colour palette in this sweet design is a treasure of room colour ideas!

With a warm and sophisticated ambience, the berry shade defines a bold and bright presence in the design scheme. The dark shade has a beautiful depth inherent to it that goes well with the orange and brown upholstered armchair.

Additionally, the metallic gold tables and the chic marble fireplace adds gloss to the design.

7. Olive for traditional interior designs

room colour ideas

Eric Piasecki

In transitional and traditional homes, the warm olive walls carry significant importance. The greenish hues create compelling pairs with conventional handicrafts, decor and other items. The olive shade is also super convenient for millwork and trim.