Tired of greasy kitchen counters? Think your kitchen interior design is low on space? Can’t get rid of the nasty odour? This post will help you troubleshoot six of the most common kitchen problems.

1. Storage kitchen problems

common kitchen problems

Insufficient storage in the kitchen is a significant problem that needs to be tackled. A space with low storage leads to clutter and hinders the functionality of your kitchen interior design.

The best way to troubleshoot this problem is to install ceiling height overhead cabinets. Storing all the less frequently utensils and items out of sight will free up a lot of space on your counters.

Additionally, in case you can install a compact kitchen island in your interior design, it will take care of most of your storage needs! Multifunctional areas like the kitchen island are one of the hottest interior design trends in 2020.

2. Greasy kitchen counters

This is another common problem in most modern households.

common kitchen problems

Over time, the grease and grime from the cooking build up on kitchen surfaces like cabinets and counters that don’t seem to come off with those expensive detergents. An easy way to get that nasty look out of your kitchen is by using vinegar.

Spray a solution of white vinegar on those greasy, sticky surfaces, wipe with a microfiber cloth and voila! Your kitchen will shine like new.

3. Common kitchen problems: Odour issues

The most common reason for this problem is a clogged sink. Food residues, if not disposed of wisely, can block the sink.

common kitchen problems

Here’s how you deal with this:

Take a cup of baking soda and add some lemon juice into it. Pour the mixture into the sink and keep it like that for about 15 minutes. After some time, add another cup of white vinegar and let the combination do its job. Finish off with a jug of boiling hot water. Congratulations! Your kitchen is now fresh and ready for the holiday season.

An easier way to deal with this problem is to install a sink strainer that prevents the food particles from going down the drain.

4. Kitchen trouble because of low ventilation

common kitchen problems

A congested kitchen interior design severely affects the functionality of the space. Especially in a place where there will be a lot of smoke, odour and indoor pollutants, it is essential to maintain the ventilation in the design scheme.

Include an affordable chimney with high suction power and an exhaust fan in the kitchen. Keep the chimney and the fan moving freely by regularly checking for clogged filters and greasy blades.

5. Clutter

common kitchen problems

Most of the modern kitchens feature elegant modular kitchens that clear a lot of space in the kitchen. Therefore, using modular kitchen accessories like cutlery trays, bottle racks, and spoon holders can significantly help you in creating a clutter-free design.

Instead of going for standalone appliances, we advise you to install sleek built-in devices that take care of your pantry needs!

Make sure the kitchen counters are not carrying any excess items that you don’t frequently use. For small kitchens, installing hangers and hooks on the backsplash can significantly help you in cleaning your counters.

6. Worn out cabinets

It is essential to take care of the cabinets that adorn your kitchen interior design. Like other elements in interior design, kitchen cabinets need maintenance and cleansing from the outside, and from the inside.

The hinges could get loose, and the drawers can become worn out over time. Therefore, it is advisable to keep checking for signs of trouble in accessories like these.

Clean the cabinets and counters regularly with a damp cloth soaked with soapy water and make sure to lubricate the hinges with oil.

We hope these six ideas will immensely help you tackle the common kitchen problems in modern households.