We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; There is no shortage of interior design ideas for the modern household. From colour palette and floor plans to decor and art installations, the endless list is sure to satisfy your taste. In this article, we bring you six psychology driven interior design colour palette options for different spaces of your home. 

Humans are complex creatures. Much of our interactions with the external world stays with us and affects us in one way or the other. You know that feeling of the perfect cup of coffee rushing in your veins, making you feel invincible or an excruciatingly long day becoming a lot bearable with a few words from your loved ones. Incidentally, the colour palette of your home influences your psyche more than you might think.  

1. Buttery Yellow Mornings: Kitchen Interior Design! 

interior design colour palette

There are very few colours creating warmth and energy than the typical butter yellow hues. Victor Tirondola of Manor Works Painting hails the shade for an excellent colour for kitchens and dining spaces

The scientific reasoning behind this subtle shade says that it boosts appetite while keeping an energetic outlook. 

So you can say goodbye to lazy mornings with a yellow kitchen interior design of your taste! 

2. Midnight Blue Bedroom Interior Design 

interior design colour palette

Let not the outrage against blue light from screens stop you from getting a deep blue colour palette on your bedroom walls. 

Your bedroom interior design calls for a colour palette that is in sync with the serenity and safety of the night. The design scheme calls for a sweet combination of bold blue shades with softer tones. For example, using sky blue shades in some places can optimise the monotonous facade of deep blue.

3. Home Office Interior Design With Orange Shades

interior design colour palette

John Mochelle, the famous NYC Architect, believes in the potential of orange in creating vigour and warmth in core areas of the home, including the post-pandemic home office spaces

Citrus orange can also be an excellent choice for other busy areas, for example, your living room. Add a few elements of surprise and contrast the orange walls with other shades to achieve the perfect outlook. 

4. Silver Gray For Hallway Design 

interior design colour palette

The play of hallway interior design, creating a sense of intrigue leading to the perfect living room is something most designers underestimate. 

The hallway or the entryway sets the tone for your interior design styles. In such spaces, the use of grey and silver can make one of the most hectic areas feel reserved and quiet, according to Mochelle. 

“My favourite shade of grey leans toward silvery white. It illuminates entryways making them feel more lively than dead quiet.” He continues. 

5. Lavender For Creative Spaces

interior design colour palette

For spaces like a hobby room or crafts room for kids and grownups alike, you can go for unexpected paint colours including lilac, as Dee Schlotter from PPG Paints explains. 

The lighter shades like lilac have an air of mystery and creativity nurturing. Pair it up with a neutral shade such as grey or with pretty berry tones, and you have a perfect kids room interior design. 

6. Light Pink For Busy Spaces

interior design colour palette

The soothing, comforting aura emanating from the colour pink is the reason why it is a colour of choice for detention centres and asylums for the past few decades. 

While turbulence is a part of our daily routine, you can certainly do a lot to create a soothing ambience for yourself and your loved ones. The hue is valuable for any busy space where you are likely to face stress. You can use it. Consider creating a fun aesthetic by bringing together pink and pastel shades of mint or pale yellow to design study rooms, home offices or living rooms. 

We conclude with the disclaimer that while these designs have the scientific reasoning for their effectiveness in certain spaces, the overall interior design styles of your home is to be taken into consideration before styling your perfect home!