Photo courtesy: Bharat Aggarwal/ Spaces Architects@ka

The national capital is the place to be if you are looking for some innovative and elegant interior design ideas. With glorious interiors and exquisite decor, these Delhi home interior designers and decorators are among the best in the business. These designs bring a sweet balance of aesthetics and luxury in the confines of the four walls and create a compelling ambience. 

1. An Enviable 5BHK Apartment From Bent Chair

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Photo courtesy: Bent Chair

This plush apartment in the region has an interesting back story to it. When this 4,000-square-feet 5BHK apartment in the Western New Delhi came to the attention of Natasha Jain, from Bent Chair and Priyank Sukhija of First Fiddle F&B Pvt. Ltd., they knew they could not miss this. 

Quite innovatively, this 5-BHK transformed into a 2-BHK as the other three bedrooms merged into a single plush suite that is the highlight of the interiors. The basement, meanwhile, took the shape of a studio apartment and designed to cater to the guests’ needs. 

The eclectic set of interiors in this design scheme, with bold, elegant aesthetics, carry the quirkiness exclusively from Bent Chair’s decor collections. 

Additionally, a comfortable balance shines throughout the interiors concerning the use of warm wooden flooring and unique wooden Venetian blinds. The home presents a plethora of Indian interior design ideas with stunning artworks, exquisite furnishings and a modern touch.

2. A Musical Haven From Studio Cube 

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Photo courtesy: Saryu Gupta/ Studio Cube

There is a reason why this house has a separate article on its design scheme. The highlight of this home presents a cosy, shared lounge conveniently spilling the predominant interior design styles into two unique bedrooms.

Kashish Khandelwal carefully crafted this sweet home interior by addressing almost all the demands mentioned in the design brief. 

Using a limited, colour palette of hues like grey, red, orange and mustard and creating an exciting blend of traditional and contemporary is not an easy task. Addressing the clients’ common interest in music genres like jazz and blues, the team took full advantage of that in this joint family home. The colour palette, the music-themed decor and the classical brass and wood accents bind the lounge and the bedrooms as a continuous entity.

The use of contemporary chandeliers to complement classy lighting design creates a homely ambience throughout the house. The design turned out to be relaxed, convenient and intimate, with frequent contrast of colours popping up here and there!

3. Balinese-Styled Farmed House In Chhattarpur! 

The design brief expressed the client’s demand for a lovely modern home nestled gently in the lap of nature. The interior design ideas from this project provide a scheme of plenty of space for relaxing, unwinding and meditating on the beautiful landscape all around! 

interior design ideas

Photo courtesy: Ashiq MK/ Aparna Kaushik

Aparna Kaushik, the principal architect behind this marvel, admits of taking inspiration from contemporary architecture from Singapore. A sophisticated conglomeration of the modern, refined, and technologically smart interiors with a nature-friendly and sustainable ambience is evident in this design scheme

Starting from scratch, Kaushik uses bold contemporary furnishings, artistic lighting, textured textiles, splashes of colour, and the clients’ vibrant art collection featuring paintings, photographs and sculptures to complement the lush landscape all around. 

The house features sloping roofs and exposed terracotta clay tiles, and the residence very much resembles a cinematic holiday home set in a tropics. Addressing the owner’s demands and lifestyle is important for the designers. This home accurately depicts the owner’s passion for art and travel. 

The interior design of this farmhouse helps you escape the chaotic urban life and provides a chance for self-discovery and meditation. 

4. An Entirely “Made In India” Home From Spaces Architects@ka 

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Photo courtesy: Bharat Aggarwal/ Spaces Architects@ka

Exhaustive research studying the Indian interior design hallmarks enabled the team of designers to craft a perfect traditional-inspired abodeKapil Agarwal from Spaces Architects@ka expresses his aim of making the courtyard the highlight of this design scheme.  

Every furnishing is highly customised and inspired by the Indian architecture and design styles. The traditional and contemporary fusion of interior design ideas spills out into the garden in the form of stepped farms of India.  

The Sanskrit tableau right above the front door is one element that reminds the inhabitants of their ethnic connection. Additionally, the charming double-height spaces, exciting, colourful walls, a perfect set of indoor plants and chic lighting decor make the home a fantasy for the Millenials!