Bathrooms are arguably the most intimate spaces in a home. This is the place where you actually unwind and get yourself ready for the day. Therefore, the designers make sure to style these spaces with personality and functionality. With the holiday season right around the corner, it is normal for people to go renovating their bathrooms and other areas. Are you looking for some inspiration? Read on to find about seven beautiful ideas for bathroom tile designs that make splendid, functional bathrooms.

1. Ideas for bathroom tile designs: Experiment with shapes

ideas for bathroom tile designs


This design from Corey Damen Jenkins explains why conventional sized tiles are not the only go-to options for bathroom tile design.

The cheerful pink tiles on the wall and the diamond motifs on the floors present a lively ambience that wakes you up way before a cold shower does! With the brass industrial fixtures and ample lighting in the design adds contrast to break the monotony of pink. Additionally, the pale poppy purple accentuates the appeal of this bathroom interior design.

2. Ideas for bathroom tile designs: Create cohesive aesthetics

ideas for bathroom tile designs


The zellige tiles in this bathroom interior design from ETC.etera for Firehouse Hotel bring so much personality and style. The backsplash matches the tiled floors and shower walls and creates an overall cohesive aesthetic that has a charm unique to its own!

3. Ideas for bathroom tile designs: Add texture and movement

ideas for bathroom tile designs


This glorious work from the Dallas-based designer Jean Liu features a ton of movement and textures with the statement tile wall. The intricate patterns in the bathroom tile design balance the understated grayscale colour scheme to maintain the serene appeal of the space.

4. Ideas for bathroom tile designs: Set up an accent wall

ideas for bathroom tile designs


Accent walls in bathrooms are usually employed to differentiate the shower area from other utilities in the bathroom interior design. In this master bathroom design from Regan Baker Design, an enchanting statement wall with rich colour and pattern brings depth and dimension to the stark white backdrop.

The added greenery and area rug in the design infuses life and accentuates the warmth of the space.

5. Ideas for bathroom tile designs: Create attractive borders

ideas for bathroom tile designs


In this out of the box bathroom interior design from Studio DB, the floor tiles are scattered to form exciting random patterns and continue to some distance to the walls. The tiles on the wall create an unexpected nonlinear visual dynamic that exemplifies creativity and personality.

6. Ideas for bathroom tile designs: Accentuate the bathtub

ideas for bathroom tile designs


This California bathroom features the greys and blues of the sea. This bathroom interior design accentuates the bathtub and leaves every other space in neutral tones. Additionally, the rug matches the colour palette and infuses warmth in the design.

7. Ideas for bathroom tile designs: Infuse drama

ideas for bathroom tile designs


You don’t always have to go for regular rectangular shapes and motifs.

The dramatic hexagonal tile appearance in this bathroom sets up this ambience with just the right amount of drama and intrigue. The chandelier and the gold clawfoot tub adds beautiful metallic accents that will undoubtedly leave your guests swooning!

Your bathroom interior design is important. From the bathroom tile designs to the colour palette, every element holds a lot of significance. These 7 tile design ideas will help you get just the right bathroom interiors for your home! Happy designing 🙂

Featured Image: 2LG Studios