Quite contrary to popular belief, blogging is not dead.

It might come off as a surprise for many that the future of blogging and content writing appears to hold a lot for its proponents. Blogging has not only survived the age of video content and podcasts; it has grown because of it. Blogging can be an efficient tool of marketing for architects, designers and allied professionals.

However, there is a little caveat. With an exhaustive list of blogs on the internet, it can become challenging to rank on search engines and get discovered. Therefore, while blogging is still a very viable option for you to capitalise, you need to be good at it! In exchange for little effort, the rewards are enormous!

Here are six reasons why every architect should have a blog:

1. Gain Credibility

When the visitor on your website looks at the topics you’re writing about in your blog, you set yourself out from the crowd.

No longer do you appear like a self-centred “salesman” trying hard to make his sale. When you share user-generated content in your website and have guest writers for your blog, it’s like killing two birds with one stone; you appear knowledgable in front of the general audience, and you gain the respect of your peers.

Blogging has a crucial hand in making or breaking your firm’s credibility on the web. Successful architecture firms like HPD Architects have grown because of their consistent use of blogging and social media.

2. Reach your Audience

With reader-friendly blogs on your website, it can become effortless to grow an audience. Not only will you be having a loyal community but also a gold mine of leads that you can capitalise anytime you want!

There are high chances that you succeed at this because building an audience is not that difficult once you get started with blogging. Channelling your traffic through the use of effective social media marketing strategies, you can start getting your return earlier than expected.

3. Grow your Network

When you finally choose to start blogging on your website, you may find it challenging to get traffic initially. Like all good things in life, growing your blog takes time.

However, this doesn’t mean that all you can do is wait. You can fasten the process significantly by writing guest posts for other architects and designers. Once you start writing for your peers, you will be getting yourself on the road for building a massive network of friends, partners and clients!

4. Tell Your Story; The World is listening!

Start with why you are in this profession, give out your background and connect better with your visitors. Stories work like a charm in grabbing your target audience for you. Even with decent storytelling skills, you can hit just the right spot.

Additionally, this might help you discover people having same interests and backgrounds like yours. More people means more engagement, ultimately more prospects for you!

5. Feedback and FAQs

The beautiful thing with blogging is that it is more like a discussion, and not a sermon!

Engage in conversations and comments on your posts and let your audience know that you are always open to civil, informative discussions about your practice.

Have an FAQ post for your website and answer the questions you think most of your followers have. It will help you immensely in maintaining a rapport with your readers.

Marketing for architects

Marketing for architects becomes a cakewalk with a blog on your website and an effective social media sharing strategy!


Blogging is a gold mine of marketing for architects, designers and virtually anyone trying to grow in the age of the internet.

However, it can be daunting to start in a highly competitive world, for people without any experience. There are platforms like Architectoniq which make this easy for you. With content marketing packages, including blogging and social media profiles, AQ provides quality services to give you a hand in taking your practice to the next level!