Instagram opens a whole new world of possibility for designers and architects. Professionals upload some of their favourite works on their profile and can grow a massive following for their practice. With social media, the inspiration and ideas for eloquent design schemes are out in the open. So, in case you are a part of the overwhelming majority of people that own an apartment, gear up to receive some quality inspiration for your interiors! In this article, we are featuring eight best interior design Instagram accounts to follow.

1. @freshome



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A post shared by Freshome (@freshome)

Regardless of whether you own or rent your place, Fresh Home is a brilliant space for design enthusiasts. This Instagram handle is a gold mine of inspiration and ideas. From designing the decor of your dorm room to even the subtle hacks for everyday living, this microblog has it all. Find all the inspiration you need to organize, de-clutter and spruce up your aesthetics!

2. @apartmenttherapy


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A post shared by Apartment Therapy (@apartmenttherapy)

Apartment Therapy is one of the most popular Instagram accounts to follow. The handle features impressive decor and design inspiration, tutorials and hacks that create a compelling set of interiors. These fantastical home designs are conveniently replicable, and these ideas just seem too good to be true!

3. @600sqftandababy


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A post shared by Alison Mazurek (@600sqftandababy)

Allison Mazurek with her two kids lives in a beautiful 600 sq ft apartment in Vancouver. She presents innovative ideas on using the most out of space in a small area house. This Instagram account is proof that living in a small space doesn’t mean living uncomfortably!

4. @studioplants


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A post shared by Jeannie Phan ? (@studioplants)

Think urban gardening, indoor biophilic designs and related subjects.

Studio plants is a must-follow for people looking for green elements in their interiors! Jeannie Phan presents some of the best inspirational ideas and hacks for using your rooftops and balconies.

Turning her small rooftop into a herbarium, Phan grows a plethora of herbs, vegetables and indoor plants at her home. This Instagram handle proves that you don’t need a backyard for creating a cosy connection with nature in your interior design.

5. @smallspacedesigns

Presenting easy ideas for tiny interiors, this Instagram account shares some of the most useful tips on home decorating. Organizing stuff, creating functionality, and efficient hacks are the speciality of this blogger.

Rita is an interior designer and a traveller and includes ideas and inspiration from her journeys all across the globe!

Small space design also has a blog in its name that you can check for more.

6. @designsponge


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A post shared by Grace Bonney (@designsponge)

Design Sponge is a well-established Instagram account of author Grace Bonney. With a massive following of over 874k, the account features a broad spectrum of ideas from bouquets and ballets to delicious baked food recipes.

An elegant display of living spaces in this Instagram account, including personal libraries, modern homes and cabins is the highlight of this account.

7. @citychicdecor


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A post shared by Chelsey Brown (@citychicdecor)

Chelsey Brown‘s small home interior designs featured in this blog are well-received by professionals all over.  The cosy, bright apartment presents a plethora of opportunities for stylish modern living!

The trendy, chic aesthetics of her home is a millennial fantasy that is never going out of style anytime soon!

8. @justbeingkatherine

This Instagram account presents easy and budget-friendly tips to give your home the makeover it needs! From helpful DIY projects to easy paint options, this microblog is one of the most useful Instagram accounts to follow!

Something like design can never be bound by strict rules and regulations. The art of design has a personal touch, and at the end of the day, nothing is set in stone. That being said, once you have some of the best interior design Instagram accounts by your side, your insight will only grow.

Hop on your imagination and let not the limitations of space stop you from living your dream life!